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Importance of Mental Wellness

June 11, 2019 | Blue Thunder When you focus on others and make a problem with them instead of reflecting an issue within; there's no clarity in where you are going because you took the focus off yourself. Humility is important in understanding both limitations and strengths within. When you 'fail;' it's not the death sentence to you capability. Make up your mind to be accountable for some reliance and unpreparedness on your part to succeed and work with others. If you have a personal issue getting in the way of your abundance; it is best to acknowledge that and deal with it. Back off on any goals you've just started and make sure your mind is in the right place. When you look for someone to blame for your unhappy frame of mind; you've just forgotten your mental health. Mental Health is important in all of us to function and be clear on being at peace and peace with each other. If you feel unstable and unprepared; be brave to ask for help and guidance to get well. It is a cycle that can be broken if you find you have made that your coping skill in shame of mental wellness. There's no shame in asking for help and understanding and backing away before you accuse anyone of your unpreparedness at the moment. People will understand if truly your friend. Those that leave you will not care to point out what they may see that is a temporary condition you can get help for. If you are unable to see that; then you become angry and find ways to not deal with yourself and others and the world around you is not a friendly place. Make the decision to be vulnerable and work towards strength. Prayers for all of us as we need our mental wellness, our stillness in order to be present in the NOW and honestly see we deserve the self love to gift ourselves and real friends along the way will be honest and hope the best for you. Much Peace and Love and Clarity Prayers to All of US Earthdwellers.


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