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Initial Healing with Reiki, Reflexology, Ancient Moari Crystal Healing in My Life

Journey with Reiki/Reflexology and Ancient Moari Crystal Healing:

Reiki was inspired by my son who slept walk in the house. I would have conversations and talk him back into bed. I prayed what is the next pure light lesson or teacher in my life. I was listening to a relative talk abt her Reiki experience. I researched it myself. I found it interesting an Asian Buddhist Origin from Japan. I read the book by Iona Teagarden "Living Reiki" and she reminded me so much of my Grandma Lucilia (Philippines)...As I thought of finding a ReikiMaster I was told you already know of one by your relative speaking about her.

I then was encouraged by Love - my husband and encouraged my other sis-in-law to learn. He paid for both of us. I went and it was inspiring as I saw visions or feelings from others and kept quiet as I was taught by my parents to stay humble. I would talk and share in a safe setting with others only when asked. Others were from the medical field and doubted my visions. I saw a pyramid one time spinning with fire and shared usual some disbelieve