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Initial Healing with Reiki, Reflexology, Ancient Moari Crystal Healing in My Life

Journey with Reiki/Reflexology and Ancient Moari Crystal Healing:

Reiki was inspired by my son who slept walk in the house. I would have conversations and talk him back into bed. I prayed what is the next pure light lesson or teacher in my life. I was listening to a relative talk abt her Reiki experience. I researched it myself. I found it interesting an Asian Buddhist Origin from Japan. I read the book by Iona Teagarden "Living Reiki" and she reminded me so much of my Grandma Lucilia (Philippines)...As I thought of finding a ReikiMaster I was told you already know of one by your relative speaking about her.

I then was encouraged by Love - my husband and encouraged my other sis-in-law to learn. He paid for both of us. I went and it was inspiring as I saw visions or feelings from others and kept quiet as I was taught by my parents to stay humble. I would talk and share in a safe setting with others only when asked. Others were from the medical field and doubted my visions. I saw a pyramid one time spinning with fire and shared usual some disbelieved and chalked it up to something on television. I then was told to do one on one on a woman and scanned her body to find as she also gave permission to her lower abdomen/pelvic region. I layed my hands on her hips in respect. I felt an old wound and it was painful she said and so I removed my hands and she put them back to say it is disappearing. I was happy to serve. I went home and did the Reiki on my son and he slept very well. If I forgot to do it; he would remind me by sleepwalking. I also learned the dye in his cough syrup was triggering & some childhood school snacks as well so eliminated and the Reiki helped.

Later I went for a group session in a month...It was a different group and I was told by a Kundalini practitioner to do whatever the energy tells you. I asked for her confirmation of what she said. I was told by Spirit to hold her head & cradle and hold her steady no matter what not to let go...I held her and allowed energy flow from me of Pure Light and the group on other areas of her body. Her body began to lift up and I was going to take my hands away...but Spirit instructed me keep your hands on her for solid support no matter what. I did and the group stared at me. I looked at my instructor and she waved no worries or to be quiet. I asked if she was all right when finished as she released some tears...she was fine. My time was finished with the Reikimaster as she told me something about my energy that I knew she misunderstood my flow. I asked Spirit...I was told NEXT. I learned my new levels intuitively then practiced on myself and went for initiation.

My Shamanic ReikiMaster introduced me to journeying with Reiki II. I loved it and then forgot about it. I thought it was nice. Then my next teacher was the 3 Shamans. There are no longer 3 shamans I know since the leader married and him and his wife run the school...I don't know anything else. I also became ReikiMaster by the way is a cool cat and cook from the 5th Dimensional Level...which matched the multi-level journeying I used to do on my own or with the Shamanic Group. The group brought alot of light expansive wisdom while we were all learning and then people went their own separate ways. I then sonic journeyed with a Elder who taught the Ancient Moari Tribal Crystal layout of healing the chakras and balancing and bringing in their own Divine Essence as I call it. I was to receive the very set I learned from that New Zealand lineage crystal healer gave instruction to my Elder teacher. I knew he was my next because I asked and ended up at Body Mind Spirit Expo in a psychic school booth asked to share and do what I do and there he was facing the door looking outward towards me and then found his booth was next to the booth I was in. He studied my healing work with Reiki and Reflexology, etc. He said, "I love your work. Can I sit in the healing chair you have?" I was surprised but tested by many macho angry men that day who went away speechless or in tears. My psychic school friends told me I handled them well. I expressed gratitude for the lessons about to occur and after they occurred and introduced to tuning forks. Turning fork lady fell hard on concrete and I took time to intuitively do Reiki and tuning forks on her. She felt great and thanked me sending me email invites to learn certification. It was the distance she was that prevented and years later. I was introduced to crystals, psychometry, tarot during these time frames and last year tuning forks & sound healing certification although I was practicing these on terminal or dying folks or chronically ill people.

I then became a Reverend as well. Many years of speaking for Reflexology benefits at Georgia capitol and World Reflexology Day As well as Emory University College of Nursing’s and interviewed on the radio. It's been awhile busy mentoring those sick in the hospital or their families. It was been an honor. So there is more to come. Blessed to be here.


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