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Insincerity is a Reflection of Low Self-Esteem

Insincerity is a reflection of low self-esteem.

When you share a goal that you are aiming for and this person says great but and discourages your goals; well that tells you more about their own lack of self love. This leads to the understanding either they are going through a period of low self esteem or jealousy because they feel unimportant, unseen, undervalued and worthless to contribution to society.

You must take a back seat and reflect upon the space you dwell as Royalty sitting on your Throne of Power and feeling the presence of your own power. The old ways of being aren't what is the present. Be the gift to the Universe recognizing change happens anyway and so does growth.

We are not a specific routine or task or role. We are more than that. We must look at ourselves with the loving eyes of Ascended Masters- Jesus and Kuan Yin who are the Masculine and Feminine Divinity expression of Compassion and forgive our limited view of our being.

Move onwards at a pace not measured but with the ability to breath with ease in focus of a new being of love, light and possibility. Envelop yourself in the focus and doing what needs to be done to achieve your goal.

When I see people who I feel this strongly....I tell them and myself at times: "YOU ARE SEEN, HEARD AND NOT FORGOTTEN." It is the time you have forgotten your power of intention to choose more light in your life that is limitless then anything else.

Nothing else matters but your own vibration in the highest and best potential of self. Loving yourself and being you and truth with every flaw and strength is the way of being without feeling you hide your emotions even in dark or light times.

If you are true to yourself and love yourself fully then you can get yourself back on track to being YOU. No one can take your power away unless you give it over. If you blame the other for doing as they wished; you spoil opportunities to discover more from each other and yourself in being free of limitations.

If you follow another to please; you are not standing in your own Power to be nothing else but you and free. If you create the cage of limitation and tell yourself it's okay and then live a double life for yourself and tear at the Christlike Cloak of Certainty of Truth and shatter your own ability to Self Transform.

I wish you well on this journey of truth and being who you are. At times we become emotional and swept up in the illusion the circumstances are permanent; then take a pause and address the emotion and breath through it and see that everything is temporary and so are we and all we do and the roles we play.

In the end it is all worth the time you take to unchain yourself and discover the thought of feeling suffocated, controlled or dependent on outward approval & conditions of if & then to make who you are.

Once we realize this; we can relax into our own Power and Divinity. Start walking the intention from your mind, programming your energy into the power you are and doing the actions towards this completion of Power and Self Love. You are so worth it all. Much love.


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