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Journey into Earth - Become the Earth 8/6/2004

I attending a women's workshop this date of the woman introduced to Shamanism and working under the tutelage of the famous author or Soul Retrieval - Sandra Ingerman. I have not read her books but there are lost pieces of yourself journeys that may entail this from my blog at storytelling at Healium or for the Emory University Finance Department's request of our mobile creative workshops. (Youtube video of our work with Emory on Youtube Healium Center or on my blog feed.)

I will try to convey what I learn by merging with Mother Earth and it's different forms from the change of seasons. I enter her through a crock in the Earth near my home and by my Tree Sister - Chrysalis. I will explain in categories of seasons.

Summer - The aromas are intense and last blooms of insects can be heard. The soil is scorching and hard and compact. In the morning and sundown; the activity of birds and mammals, awaken. The earth is drier with golden specks of minerals and the moistness is deeper and by evening cools but remains hard. Night creatures and the sound of our footsteps are hollow sounds heard from the Earth. During the rains the thudding thunder cools the water is absorbed. If too much water; the worms are driven to the surface when she can no longer drink beyond her fill and feels sticky and muddy but if you squeeze the soil; the water can be extracted a bit but not all. The hollow sounds of summer are different than spring. The sounds is not as larger than Spring is more resounding.

Winter - The snow is soft and silence is the only language spoken. The moldy leaves smell if uncovered below like rot but if the snow freezes in time then it is hard and less powdery like a sheet of ice forming still cold at the surface. The taste of the snow is cold & pure but the air is drier and the snow just falling is moist on our tongues. Not much to see and natures animals are in hibernation. Footsteps are not easily heard from the Earth's point of view.

Spring - The sounds of nature are clearer and deeper and the Earth can hear the movement of life within her rising and outside the Earth. Water is dew-like in the mornings and there is growth everywhere. The earth is soft in texture to be able to dig and garden and the birds are singing. The Earth tastes the green rich mineral. Our footsteps sound more hollow but expanded soft echos.

Fall - Colder airs and winds are coming helping the trees shed their leaves to prepare for dormancy soon, mold is appearing as fungi and the leaves are turning their beautiful colors swirling to earth to their death and return to Mother Earth. The leaves also are dry and the leaves in layers on the Earth makes crunch sounds from our footsteps.

This is just an exercise to connect to Mother Earth as she is a living planet and what experiences can be felt, seen, heard & tasted and taken to learn how our footsteps and existence are to her from a small perspective and exercise assigned to us.


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