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Journey into the Void for Lessons to Grow 8/6/2004

Another exercise with a women's workshop held in her home. We met in Reiki I group and she was studying Shamanism and healing the earth from Author /Shaman, Sandra Ingerman.

Intention set is to go to the 'void' for lessons. The void is a formless place we are existing only as gas particles before becoming flesh and descending to Earth. I am a hawk with olive branch and told to shape-shift into a white dove and by merging together hawk and dove am transformed into a dove. I travel to Mt. Olympus where Zeus greets me and Isis comes and takes me to the end of the void. You're neither here or there in the void and I am at the edge on a shining crystal ball. See all around with my Mother Goddess - Isis.

I then travel to the Higher Self and the Phoenix (fabled bird that reincarnates every 500 years and burns itself and rebirths with tears the fall to heal the earth.) appears and face an audience on the top of a Pyramid. I am a Warrioress in Feminine Silver Ray Light and Feminine Buddha Light energy. She tells me: "You will teach Earth love is all there is."

Self envisioning me with a sword cutting darkness out wearing with silver armour. The message continues: "You will teach peace as anger is not a bad emotion in your life story and creates boundaries, respect of others and self. You shall teach all energy work is oneness/same in help by being a Catalyst. Keep taking classes. People raising me for helping them move past blockages. I am encouraged to do more work in utilizing the Ancient Moari Crystal Healings." After receiving this blessed message; I return back to my earthly body with my sacred body.

Thank you and Namaste, Peace to All.

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