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Journey of Ancient Temple of Poseidon in Ancient Athens, Greece 4/29/23

Journey to Ancient Temple of Poseidon (Cape Sounio) in Athens Greece 4/29/23

Went on a bus tour of Cape Sounio as history from 5th century before Christ and progression of time was told of the development of the land and it is where the Temple of Poseidon where Athenians built a castle to safeguard the port where many ships came to deliver and give offerings to the God of the Sea - Poseidon and there the entrances came from the East and the central entrance was for the animal sacrifices to the God and if the offerings then a blessing. Even Homer mentions this Temple and also the memories of the Trojan Horse war and the King and Queen stopped at this location. Mining of silver and lead also was convinced by the Leader of the town that Athenians invest in the fleet and fund it to protect them and it worked when attacked and they were safe. It was interesting to hear. The mining was owned by the community shareholders and a portion went to the fleet, the shareholders.

I sat on a stone after seeing a grouse appear as our guide misidentified it as a partridge. I knew it wasn’t a partridge because it has a small crest on top of its head and was a grouse. The grouse is a symbol of Apollo the Sun God and known for music, archery, poetry, playing the lyre and psyche. It is a good luck omen to see this bird. As I walked around the Temple Poseidon; it was fenced off because looters like the Romans took some columns and spread all over the world and others scratched their names on the left over walls and columns. Since Greece is known for earthquakes; the made their buildings of limestone and local quarry of marble. So like the Hindu Temples; they are pieced together without metal or wood so they shift with the earthquake motions. In this region, the land was fertile for grapes and olives but not wheat or grain so history repeats itself, said our guide to notice the unread of Ukraine which is where it was part of the ancient lands where Greece obtained its wheat and grains. Enough of politics.

As I sat on the stone to ask it to be there; it welcomed me. Women were meant to be chaste and they wore traditional black skirts long tops and head covering with Greek cotton…the finest cotton you will find for sweltering heat. It told me that it is misunderstood how women caused wars or insane behaviors like the Trojan War over Helen of Troy. When the world forgot the Feminine Divine; they became patriarchal. But the woman is the representative of nurturing, harmony and unity and working for the best of the community. It was amazing to hear that she is not to blame but man unable to tap into their emotions and be vulnerable and think calmly before making decisions instead of proving how strong or valued as a warrior instead of a human being. Women tend throughout history to activate the feelings and emotions man is not used to and that is the imbalance and creation of war nor is it a thought to think conquering is necessary whether in countries or women to have them as possession.

Although patriarchy was there like in the mines I was told the women also activated the awareness of the 5 senses by their form and presences. She was the influencer; but how men responded was their flaw if taken to extremes. For example; the silver and lead was owned by the community but men owned it and if her husband died; the widow was expected to give it to the son and work to show her sincere right to the profits. The son would find a portion to give to his mother for her efforts so she was not left out to dry as they say.

It is interesting throughout history the division of feminine and masculine but the influences of shaming men into not being vulnerable is the problem and women should not be blamed. They are an asset and men need to see the value they tap into them and represent the balance of their inner struggle to masculinity. I thanked them for the information because it was time to go and sent spiritual roses, wisteria and doves to Poseidon and the land telling me a little more wisdom. Namaste and Peace to you. Much love.


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