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Journey of Life and Death Dimensions 11/3/2003

Still in my Shamanic journeys learning more about different dimensions. This one I shared with the Lakota Medicine woman of the trilogy of Shamanic Teachers graced with during my time overcoming anger.

I started out as being transformed into a black beetle (symbol of death and reincarnation/rebirth). I held onto a chipmunk's tail to ride on to see what it's perspective and world was like. The tail was so bushy and down a tunnel we went as I hung on. It was taking things it stored into is little pockets in his mouth. It was a den with fur and grassy dried mossiness to make a warm and comfy home during its preparations for the winter to come.

It smelled of the deep moisture and the Earth was wonderful. I saw another chipmunk join in the tunnel. I heard a slithering sound and the chipmunks alerted each other with their barks. They and all types of these nature miners have always used tunnels to find their home or to confuse their enemies or predators that lead to nowhere and to escape.

As the chipmunk was scurrying away; I fell off during its fright and flurry from the chipmunk onto the ground. I tried to crawl at a nearby tunnel wall and prayed not to be seen by the snake but the snake's tongue sense me as it smells from it's tongue is prey. I was swallowed whole. The snake is (sensuality and adaptability) and needed my medicine as a beetle.

Inside the snake's belly; I churned down a long tunnel within its body and saw the skeletal spine and muscles moving towards the acidic area of the stomach for digestion. I could feel the burning body chemical of the snake's belly closing in on me.

I saw death and all of a sudden the snake was opened up by sharp talons of the hawk (messenger of the Gods). I could see it's body opened by the haw's beak that had bitten the snake's head almost off. I was free! Still hot from the snake's digestive juices and fumes so I went to my real home's swimming pool to wash and cool off. I observed tiny minuscule insects and cellular movement looking deeply into the water.

However, I went in the pool and could not find a leaf or something floating to escape and drowned. My Tree Sister - Chrysalis began to speak: "There are many dimensions of what we don't see or know of many dimensions included in the lessons of Life and Death."

Anyway, I returned back to my earthly body after her message to share with you and learned that there is no real fear in death but evolvement and it is a cycle that is never ending of Life and Death. I hope you enjoyed this small lesson on this subject of passages that we leave this earth different exits but we are a soul eternal. Many new journeys evolving soon to come.

Thank you for stopping by. Namaste, Peace to You.


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