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Journey of Responsibility with Goddess Maebe 1/13/2005

With all my Guardian and Spirit Helpers, I am seeing a black lightening type void. I am told that the darkness is outside of me from Spirit. I see Maebe, Goddess of Responsibility, give me a scepter. She says I must work on my self-esteem and that you are seeing someone as more worthy, lucky and smarter than you. She herself has her own work to do the problem is my self-esteem.

If you focus on the other person that you are not meeting the responsibility of what you are supposed to do. The scepter is to help you focus on your own responsibility. She asks me: "Take your responsibility." She tells me the additional energy classes will enhance the work towards my path on earth.

I see another Goddess coming towards me with flaming eyes and she tells me that she is the Goddess of Torment and says: "You have created me in your mind and that you have fueled me. All you need is love and the Goddess of Love - Aphrodite comes out of then Goddess of Compassion (Kuan Yin) is sending energy to her and she transforms the Tormented Goddess from the flaming dark beauty to a peaceful Kuan Yin resemblance a symbol of Compassion.

She calls me the 'Lotus Flower' because I was a closed budding flower now bloomed. Maebe goes onto tell me: "You are emotional due to Moon Time as well." Then Mother Goddess - Isis crowns me with a headpiece of gold and tells me that she is sitting inside me as my chakras are cleansed. I am beaming now and the blooming lotus is open and revealed as I am now my Spirit name "Golden Lotus (the 1000 petal gold lotus).

I thank all Goddesses and Pure Light Helpers for their help and and make a promise after returning to my earthly body in real time to pick fragrant and multicolored roses for all their blessings and wisdom today. I place these on a table and then move to my Mesa (power table).

Focus on Self Esteem with self love & self care are essential to being Whole as the Lesson in order to live a Life of Peace. Namaste!


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