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Journey of Return of My Inner Child 2/23/2005

I was given messages about relationships started with people I have been in conflict with my Tree Teacher - Chrysalis had summoned me. I became my dominant power animal - Jaguar and went to the Heavens to sit inside The Great One/God. It was a bright light of white gold and I was told that this is where we end up when we return to Heaven and to sit and experience this. My protectors were there as my Angels, Guides, Goddesses, Elementals, Gods, Spirit Guides, Temple Guardians, and Ascended Master, Ancient Ones, Ancestors and descendants/ascendants and of course God/The Great One/Great Spirit.

I was told my Inner Child was ready to return. The Goddess Uzume (laughter) sent down my Inner child into my womb. I was surrounded by the Pyramid of Power and White Light, grounding even more and filling with the warmth of God to receive my Inner Child. My Inner Child expressed love to me and I turned into Isis the Goddess Mothering as my Inner Child returned and sat there to experience this joyous reunion. My Guides were with me as well. The Irish Spirit Guide stood on my right with apron and freshly baked cookies on a plate for my Inner Child as she used to be an Irish Pagan/Wiccan Healer and my teacher. My Inner Child said "thank you" and I gave some milk in a glass to it as I laughed amused by the mothering and birthing of my own Inner Child and the advanced abilities to feed, drink, talk and laugh.

After finishing the lesson and rebirth of my Inner Child; I sent golden roses to all for gratitude and said 'Namaste.' Me and my Inner Child slowly walked hand in hand back to my earthly body feeling more complete and present. Praise All and the Creator for this experience.


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