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Journey of the Light 8/28/2005


My Tree Sister - Chrysalis called out to me to journey today. I sat beside her and then the journey lead to a Vision of Pure White Light.

The Elementals and All said that is what I look like and am recognized as. They advised me not to measure or expect the same type of detailed energy because you are all about going past the details and seeing the Divine Essence and the single vision was all I needed. They all knew I missed them and interaction like before but I have moved forward and the beginnings needed to be detailed because I was like that and needed a lot of details and learned that way.

Then I was told I could journey with eyes opened and felt that the merging of Heaven and Earth together as what is happening now. After that, I was told to go to "Ellijay" (My Other Tree Sister) and merge with her and that I would merge with Chrysalis soon. But before doing that; I touched Chrysalis and enveloped her in the Violet Flame (Flame removes karmic ties and old DNA programming). She was afraid because it was a symbol of fire and learned from the lightening that knocked off her tree top the consequences but I assured her it was not destructive and she realized it. Instead sacred and healing energy of Father-Mother God embodied her. She felt rejuvenated because her energy was lower earlier in the day.

I went to Ellijay and hugged her and merged as she requested in the morning that I do so. Since it was near that time of month for me; I was hot inside. She was circular layers of wood and moisture and I was too hot this time for her. I explained my natural Moon Cycle and she said, "Yes, like Mother Earth does this but I was toooo hot and she was uncomfortable and wanted to go back to her tree self. She exclaimed: "I didn't know humans could get sooo hot!"

Anyway, we both returned to our earthly forms and said farewells until the next time.


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