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Journey Relating to Energy Shift Coming 5/26/2004

My vision today was in the Underworld. It is more a place you discover your dark-self/shadow-self and admit to it and then go from there to heal. I was in a circle of fire around a dark pool of water called (Well of Wyrrd - Pagan belief). I merged with the fire and was not burned. I felt the fire as airy but more intense substance. Spirit told me this journey was about how intense I was so I was asked to merge with the pool of water and fire at the same time. I shape-shifted into a dragon of fire on the upper-body and then serpent of blue in the water. I was told the reason I did not go in the water before and remained separate was because my thoughts saw it was separate. When I lost the blockage of seeing all as not separate; I became both. I was told the blockages were heavy metal boxes around my head and that the metal cutter shaped like a heart cut the chain to release these boxes is what was needed to be done. I was not to service and do for others and it was time for me.

Once I did things for me then I was able to do these things from another perspective. I was instructed by Spirit to fly up and as I flew in the air; I became a white Pegasus and flew to Mt. Olympus where there was a glowing huge beautiful angel and she asked me to follow her up higher until I saw my Mother Goddess - Isis. You may envision this as Mother Mary as well or any form of pure light Feminine Divine. She told me that not to feel that I would do harm with the Ancient Moari Crystals just learned and the Ancient Moari Crystal Lineage Keeper who taught about the lineages of the crystal teachers from New Zealand and her hair was totally white hair not salt and pepper any more. She embraced me and were were taken into Isis's arms and embraced in trilogy.

After the embrace; I flew higher and I saw the Holy Spirit/Dove symbol of pure white and it was so white; it was indescribable. Then we all merged as ONE and became a single white flame into the Dove. Went back to my earthly body to share this energy and lesson learned.

The Lesson:

Giving to myself and creating for myself was essential to be able to come back stronger in order to serve. The oneness with self comes first in order to be ONE with others and separatism is an illusion and man-made.

Enjoy the stories to come for a period of 7 years and the rest are part of the Healium storytelling onwards. Peace and be well.


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