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Journey to Africa and The Goddesses 8/6/2003

Met with another Shamaness today. We did some energy work mixed with journeying.

We talked about a conversation of working deeper and talked about how good it is to go deeper for yourself growth.

My journey consisted of leaving off where I was in Africa. The Elder or Chief is very angry with me because he has traded me to be a slave along with some others in our tribe. I don't wish to go. She says I must. I am chained and taken and see young boys who know me. I am a young girl. One of the boys is upset that I am taken and is shot. I see white men in different colonial type clothing with guns and the ship like a pirate ship with guns sticking out of them. I am onboard and white men are cruel to me. One holds a knife to me. After awhile and being raped; I jump overboard and they shoot at me. I am still in chains as I dive in the darkness of the ocean. I am a member of the Massai tribe.

I am left behind and floating and it is a hot day with blisters on my lips and and salty ocean that never can quench my thirst. I see myself floating at dusk to a volcanic type land. I am crying because I am alone and don't know this land and wader through into a clearing. The people are not as dark as me into the land of the Zulu tribe. The faces of these people have white paint on them. They don't know who I am and wonder if I am a bad person or others following me. They realize I am no harm from Elders' point of view. They convince the tribe to take me in and they use stones to smash the chains apart.

I live awhile amongst my new tribe and learn the language & culture especially dancing and tell my story. I tell them that they may come here soon! Much later, The white man comes shooting their muskets and canons from their ship are going off. I see people being killed by canons. I am a tall and slender woman with close shaved afro and holding my baby. The babies are being killed or taken away and handed to Elders who are useless slaves to the white man. I don't wish to go and would rather die so the baby is handed to an Elder lady. They are killed by a canon shot. I simply decide to walk away not acknowledging or heeding white men warnings that I stop. I am shot with something by a musket that puts many wounds in me and severs my spinal cord. I am left for dead. I am not feeling hip down and paralyzed. I cannot move and animals eat me from the paralyzed way hip and then my soul glides up to a golden stairway up with the other souls that died there that day.

We talk about Ancestors and Guides and my exercises to achieve seeing them and then getting to know them throughout the years and their names. My Guide is my friend in Tanzania in which we loved dancing with closely shaved heads and round basket-type weaved ornamental Massai necklaces & when she is happy does this hopped dance when the necklaces are white, yellow and black and red bop up and down on the shoulders. My other Guide is from Ireland's past life who is a motherly sensible Celtic type lady who is calm and helpful. I discover another male dreadlock and crazy cool guide and other white man who is petite and just doesn't have motherly instincts but very direct. In my dreams he talks to me this way. Like a person who really thinks you are capable and becomes annoyed you haven't taken the action yet kind of look.

I learned by exercises to see my guides from Sylvia Browne's books. I have about 5 Ancestors and they are Dr. Wu method of Qi Gong, Saratoga Native American Guide, Selma and Salimah (water fairies/faeries) and Rebel Tim (motorcycle rider with leather jacket and salt and pepper hair) after Shamanic studies has changed to Rev. Tim. I learned more exercises to see my 5 special individuals through James Van Praagh. These have all changed from evolvement to the present.

We talked about the Anointing ceremony details. I also drew Goddess Oracle cards in the stages of your life development before healing. My draw before attending Shamanic studies were: Sphinx (Challenges), vila ( Shape-shifting), Ameratersu (Beauty) and next Erynes (Crisis). After pertaining to healing the next phase was Yemaya ( Surrender) and Baba Yaga

(Wild side).

After much work that continued in Shamanic Circle the stages of my healing now in the stages of Goddess Oracle are: Hestia (Home and Hearth), Nu Kua (Order), Bast (Play), Aphrodite (Love) and my Anante drew her own cards. It was a lovely day of shared discovery and revelations and bonding on Arabia Mountain and discovering my Anante's special tree as we sat on it's limb. What a wonderful shared experience of growth and reflection.

I hope you enjoyed the stories. Peace to you and Namaste.


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