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Journey with Aphrodite - The Goddess of Love

My Teacher Tree is Chrysalis asking me to journey today 1/17/2004 because the day is beautiful and sunny as all elements (fire, air, water, earth and elementals). She instructs me to take my pouch of stones and my heart hand pin in my pocket along with the Goddess card of Aphrodite. This is the essence of love to all and the women at the goddess Gathering. She asks that a woman called T give me the rose quartz to put on the altar to emphasize this to make a elixir of ashes from anointing the water to pour on the Earth.

I am told to go up as a squirrel on Chrysalis to the top of this tree. Looking at a large huge red-tail hawk is there and attacks and eats me. She narrates that the hawk is like the Goddess Kali who eats your fear and tears you to pieces. I am seeing the inside of the hawk and told to become one with the Haw. I am in its cells and we are one because I see through the hawk's eyes. I fly and am instructed to fly higher past the Alps and higher into space where I see many stars. The star beings come to me because I am just floating and not sure because as Hawk and Me as one feels panicky because no air and can't fly. The beings tell me to remain calm and I am safe.

The star beings talk in lights, colors and sound and I see a mushroom shaped sun and the top of it in golden color. The star beings escort me to the Sun as I become closer; I see that there are columns and this is a huge city. I see Roman and Greek fountains, vineyards, God Pan with the Nymphs laughing and prancing around. I see Mt. Olympus and out comes Zeus and then Thor comes out with a big entrance on a black stallion that is huge enough to hold his oxen-muscle like body. I see Pegasus flying and other Gods and Goddesses pointing to parts in the sky like larger lasers that will have an opening for them to travel portals. They utilize unusual flying craft to get around. Things are far but near at the same time. Anything is possible in

I as the hawk sit on the fountain watching this and to my astonishment there is water but no feeling of water. Everything is surreal. Zeus comes again in a huge throne that is flying and crashes it down purposely to my amazement and the throne does not break. It is an illusion and that is all this is..Zeus tells me. Just like believing that being a hawk, the water the whole visitation is an illusion. Zeus calls his Sister, Aphrodite out and she comes and is joyful and happy. She says "Yes, all is an illusion." She encourages me to change form from hawk to what I am. I am human and transforming wearing what I am today as we walk through Mt. Olympus.

We see buildings and hear sound like the stars made and see lights and colors. She tells me this is a museum as I am walking; my clothes are replaced and am wearing a black Greek dress and dressed like a little doll. She refers to me as 'Isis' apprentice.' She tells me to go. now and think I must back track in my mind and transform like the old ways. Instead, Aphrodite tells me it is not necessary and that I just turn into a hawk on the fountain I sat on and then she points to the sky and the laser like portal opens for me to travel through quickly to Earth and then to the sacred tree sister. I turn into a green forest Elf with Sherlock Holmes hat to my amusement and am male and smiling as I gleefully slide down towards my Earthly body.

What a great blessing and so many ways to take form and lessons to learn beyond space and time and spiritual belief systems. Thank you for the lesson. Now you know how I became called Isis' Apprentice. Hope you enjoyed this journey with Spirit and Pure Light messages. Namaste. Peace always to you.


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