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Learning about Myself with Hindu Deity named Indra

I was shown in a dream the tool of healing and weapon that the Hindu deity called “Indra” used that was handed to me to see. It is called the ‘vajra.’ It is a metallic ornate pewter looking metal rod like instrument. Through my research Indra is a warrior like being of the sky. He rules the Sun, Lightening Thunder, Weather and War. It is quite interesting since our focus 5/6/2022 is the War in Ukraine. He is the King of Svarga which is Heaven and rules the Devas. Devas are pure compassionate beings. See my blog on ‘Ganges River of Healing’ about a Deva. In real time; it was thunderstorming all night and into the early morning but had dreamed about Indra.

Divine timing has occurred on many occasions. It is of concern that the nuclear weapons we possess are dangerous and can wipe out humans and all living things. It is undesirable to be used. In my meditations and walk in the park, I am revealed a white elephant in which Indra rides or a dog. The elephant is named “Airavata” and its' trunk shows a motion of picking up a human and tossing them aside as Indra explains how humans can be flailed around. He then immediately stops the image of this and continues to speak that it is important to learn from his lessons of power. He then became arrogant and egotistical, never having gratitude and being humble with his powers. He would never be satisfied and wanted to show off how much he could have and more. He had a few wives and children as well. He made poor choices from his story that caused the imbalances in the Universe.

As I did my meditational walk before sitting down; Indra reminded me to not be egotistical or arrogant like him. He then repeated this message to me. I was trying to recall when I was accused of being egotistical or arrogant and reflected if it was true at times and lamented or it was others misunderstanding my energy or way of walking and being on this planet Earth. Indra was saying that he was making it thunderstorm while I was asleep to wake me to learn more about him but he realized I am human and we need our sleep. He then gifted me a ‘vajra’ to wear on my utility belt and one designed to slide into my body through the crown chakra and it was as long as I was standing. It would be there to protect me and learn about living beings and messages. I then went home.

That same day but in the evening I had a dream. I was with a group of people traveling in Asia more like Korea. When I think of Korea; I feel restriction and conformity. I was wearing a black two piece qigong cotton outfit. It symbolizes energy work. Black as power and mystery and also ‘negativity’ at times I was misunderstood and not well received by those about my healing work and service. Sometimes, the blending of separated mystical or spiritual modalities and theories that I blended were rejected by those who were not aware of the possibilities and not appreciative of different blends as they seemed to be purist thinkers in the alternative healing modalities that were taught to them. Sometimes, in spiritual or alternative extensive training; it can create a barrier of inclusivity of other blends of healing with it combined. I have been called and seen or rejected negatively from misunderstanding.

In my life journey, I have learned I cannot hide or be conforming for their comfort. In this dream, we went into a cafe like an old Korean one that is all wooden tables, cupboards and counters. We were to serve ourselves and eat. The group was quite happy with the food. I took my tray and plate and got a scoop of rice. I thought that I needed to put some sauce on it. I left my food there and returned to find it gone as the waitress had placed my food away in the cupboard of dirty dishes thinking I had completed my food. I then went back and retrieved another on the other side of the cafe and then again the waitress took my food as I left to retrieve some sauce for my rice. People happily ate what was there. I then went to see where my tray was and saw and there was a drab of charcoal on it. I was hungry and time was of the essence. The waitress looked at me in disgust like a homeless or vagrant because everyone was dressed in normal attire and told me “Get out of here.” I then ran out of time to eat and the group was to continue the tour. I was handed a gift in which I was surprised that a white purse means abundance through pure intent. As I was to leave the building, I noticed women that the men held the door open for…young, pretty, dressed femininely. I realized I was not like the conforming stereotypes of a woman as well. I noticed they ignored me. I was fine and took note of this reminder of myself.

The group continued to walk to take an amusement ride. Everyone in the group was fine as we had rocket type rides like the rocket motorcycles leaning forward almost laying down to ride. They didn’t notice there were four walls to keep us in. They were to ride all in one direction and it would be in the wall. I was then placed on one above them and separately. I was flying in different directions. After that experience; we went to a bar to mingle.

Some folks were battling some others and others joyfully mingled. I didn’t know anyone. Then a Samurai dressed being with metal costume and metal ornate fierce animal mask was there like in a ‘Mortal Kombat’ movie and was looking at me to challenge. I believe it was Indra…warrior deity and he wanted to fight me. It was a test, I thought to myself…”He is the Warrior Being and knows all tactics of war. I do not want to fight him or compete…this will not be a good turnout.” I kept dodging him and he kept trying to find me for the fight. I thought loudly: “I do not want to fight.” It was not my being or energy to seek out fighting.

After that incident; the group was to walk the square of the town. It felt like Italy or Portugal where the square has been central in the areas and streets leading to it. It was an area where street performers and musicians played. I saw them and wanted to leave the group to explore and enjoy. Like what I am feeling at this period of my life. I wanted to explore and experience for myself. Then one of my old friends from Italy…named Barbara was there and in the square there was a mike to sing into. She said “I would like to sing.” I said to her: “Yes this is what they do here.” It was the end of the dream and I awoke to reflect on my life is not meant to conform and agree because others do it. It is more like exploring and learning. I also learned that sharing is my thing and reminded me to practice discernment in sharing my discoveries as some may reject or misunderstand my sharing as boasting and ego or arrogance. Sometimes, others do not comprehend what I talk about spiritually and may label me as this. I must learn to brush it off and not be hurt or annoyed or isolated as a negative. That my emotions are not reactive to others misunderstanding and not resentful or hurt. To distance myself from situations with discernment and not waste time by knowing who to share and work with by Spirit’s Guidance and my experiences in service.

The way of the Shaman is a lone journey but it does lead to discoveries of new ways of thinking and utilizing healing theories and tools. It is time in my life that I serve my spirit and explore and enjoy without conformity and patriarchal influences or stereotypes. It is important for me not to be discouraged and have faith I can be a Universal Pure Light Tool in Service and God/Goddess knows my heart. This I am grateful for. I share this with you on my path of light. Thank you for reading my lessons from Indra.


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