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Learning from Ayahuasca Empathically & Journeying 2/28/21 via Psychometry

Dear Beloveds;

I have been always hesitant about this plant medicine because I see alot of people take it for releasing and without preparation. Fasting is a good thing and being mindful of the body and gentle healing journeys of acceptance of releases with white light protection no matter the experience is sad, happy, etc. That you are one in flow with the plant medicine and learning the plant medicine comes from a Loving Earth.

I had purchased a piece of bark from the Ayahuasca tree from a market vendor. I decided to learn the story of the sacred plant and life and its healing possibilities by holding it and setting my intention to respect it, learn from it and embrace it in flow and love. This method of learning is psychometry - ability to be near or hold object to gain wisdom. I went to the beach with Beloved and we sat on a towel each. He was in the mood to swim but the waves were gentle and temperature was cold today. He retracted to laying down and just embrace his bodies need to rest. This usually happens when I journey and he is around me. I then ground myself, setting my intention to respect and learn and feel these with my 5 senses. I filled myself and surrounded myself with Pure White Light and called upon after grounding my Power Animals to hold me. My Bear and Hare with with me and the owl sat upon my Earthly body. The Dragon and Tiger were there as a pure white owl sat upon my Sacred body’s head. I was to journey to a jungle in Ecuador.

The bark first a sandy blonde hair man near 30s that was tall and slim. He had suffered depression and came to know this plant and want to share it with others with the same predicament and so he went to those who cut the bark in small and larger pieces as the vine is not a perfect size. He went to Shamans in the past and knew which ones were pure of heart and which were not throughout his experiences and traveled to Peru to sell these used at a retreat there. He mentioned a name of one for us to research. The Ayahuasaca said not to fear her as I felt Feminine energy. I am one with the Mother Earth - PanchaMama and she is filled with love. See all around this jungle scene I saw was beautiful and lush. The Plant said, “I am earth energy and all is love. Love is what we offer in our medicine and no worries as release is good when you are ready. Are you ready?” I answered: “Yes.” Hold me in your right hand and then I will ask you to transfer me when you get to the sacred space of the lesson to the left hand. I was already tearing and felt a bit of tummy ache but the plant reminded me: “Remember, you are not experiencing this for harm but to learn and release and this symptoms are just some experiences. Those who do not honor me or the Shaman as well; will experience some blockages and releases take longer if one is not in touch with the earth and trusting of the flow of the medicine. It is the loving flow you must be focused on without harm.

Next, I was shown a Shaman wearing a wool designed hat with local weaves and design. He carried a machete. Because it is a jungle of lushness; he needed to clear the path for us to come to the sacred space he had always come to. There was a huge tree the vine of the Ayahhuasca was on and two other Shamans were there a male and female. The male Shaman said to the female that she would guide me. They were singing chanting as the Shaman was doing the same marking the 4 directions. He cleared it and set the intention and saged and burned herbs and cleared us and asked us to select a tree we would release our bodies of vomit or diarrhea of sides affects for some people. It is a psychedelic affect. He set a fire to boil the bark and it was brownish and he took other cups of metal to place some spring water to mix to dilute the water for each of us to drink. This would take approximately 30 minutes to start feeling things. I felt a little tummy but I saw my unhealthy ties to people I loved and those that latched onto me. They dissolved with breathing and Plant medicine started talking to me and sounded so earthly and dew drops were like sweet clear nectar. I sat against the Ayahuasca fine and felt the vibrations of the living earth through my feet and around me. I heard and saw the nature spirits all were filled with love. I then felt the warmth in my feet and body. Roots grew as a tribe of smaller people came in and were staring at the visitors. They had some red painted across their eyes and had dark hair and slender build. They started to chant to raise the good vibrations fo the healing. I felt my roots in my feet connect to the Ayahuasca roots and the large tree grounded us both as a support system. I was told they this is how we communicate to each other. Feeling warmth in my body and my senses were ignited. I then was hearing a low deep voice and then the Ayahuasca vine wrapped around my waist about two hands wide and lifted me to the top of the trees to expose myself to sunlight. I then shape-shifted into a Pheasant of decorated black crown and brown body with long tail feathers so common in the Costa Rican Arenal Volcano areas. I then saw the vastness of life from above and I was filled with bliss. I then looked at a body of water. It seemed like an ocean but it was a large lake and I then dived down into the water and shape-shifted into a fish to experience the merging of the sacred waters. I was unharmed. Life is expansive and unified. All is alive and breathing together.

After that experience; I returned to my body near the campfire where the Shaman who led us to this sacred space was. He asked me to drink something to calm me down and then he placed a had similar to his on my head and asked me to hold space until others returned. I was only to sit and pray for good journeys and experiences for the others. I don’t know how long it took but they arrived and settled down as the Shaman gave them something to drink. I gave my despacho or offerings to the Tribe of ground coffee, cocoa and frankincense and myrrh in raw form to burn. I gave the the Shamans offerings and money as well. I thank the Ayahuasca and all for this experience as I was guided by Spirit to return to my Earthly body after I released a few people as Spirit and the Plant asked if I was ready to release? I answered: “Yes.” I then released and they departed as the plant medicine places obsidian on my heart and hands and my ears, 3rd eye and saw them leave.

I settle in thanking my Power Animals and the Universe and all Elements and kissed the bark of the Ayahuasca for being so kind, teaching me, being patient with me and educating me. This is what I got from my journey holding the Ayahuasca. I don’t know if this helps but this is my journey. Namaste and Peace to you.


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