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Learning to Receive Spirit Messages with Vulture Medicine

During my studies with Peruvian Shamanism with Jorge Luis Delgado. I learned the the condor is the vulture medicine about seeing the bigger picture, releases and the rebirths setting pure intention with mind and heart together.

The Condor is unique in his story about how the animal eats only the dead animals. The cleaner upper….LOL. Well, it does rise and early morning postures it’s wings to be cleaned and absorbed the Father Sun’s energy is cleansing and energizing. It has a vast wing span and is known to be the shape at the top of the Mountain of Machu Picchu that the tallest part is pictured where he takes his tour groups to learn of sacred Peru goes on a hike for a huge view of everything all around.

In this meditation, I sat with palms up to Father Sun and greeted Father Sun and the Life in Plants, Pancha Mama and Waters and especially the air. As I gained the heat from Father Sun; I felt a warmth in me. I was to meditate with my Temple Guardians and Pure Light Helpers.

I was told to keep my eyes open as I was getting used to this type of meditation. Your eyes are not held wide open but slightly opened and relaxed. I listened to Spirit tell me see the Condor. I was uplifted into the Cosmos into the space where the constellation held the Condor and two stars formed my eyes. I felt so vast and was able to see all around me, planets, galaxies, stars speaking and singing and the darkness was not so dark but more illuminated with the knowledge energy is unlimited and so are we. I looked flying gently and effortlessly.

I then saw that this possibility set with our intention of unlimited possibilities is ours to understand and learn from. Open your mind and heart and you will gain much trusting with clear intention and focus. Understanding our small world is not all that is and we are as I have said before Bigger and Brighter to the Universe than we ever thought of.

Whenever you feel bogged down by tasks and outer influences; look inside and breath and remember the condor’s teaching to see the bigger picture and you will find this easier to cope with whatever you are going through with a light and airy heart.

This is all to share. Thank you Condor, Father Sun and the Cosmos for this Lesson I share with you. Namaste, Peace to you. Much airy light heart hugs.


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