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Lesson from a Squirrel - Get Ready! 11/8/2022

It was a time in my life when letting go was essential. Like the leaves that take the varied journeys of exploration separating from the trees to swirl and fall and travel to different spaces of final growth and death. A beautiful death into new. The old is shed to make space for the new. Growth like the leaves falling; has it’s own speed and rhythm.

I had been having liver issues…joy in life. A great artist of mine, Toni Taylor, reminded me of the Thich Nhat Hanh said to have your liver smile. It was a great reminder after going through lots of resets and readjustments over the last few months and an increase of activity of finding truth and authenticity and claiming my own power and boundaries. The Universe allowed me to meet beautiful healers who encouraged and reminded me that I always had the support and needed choices to make for me or live a life for others. I chose myself. I also knew the complexity that my transformation would influence people I loved and close to me. That my energy needed to be there for a purpose and then take that intensity and give space again to myself after doing what was needed from my heart but now I had to look at my own need to be whole and authentic again. The rhythm of these transformations would be not easy and uncomfortable and at a pace that I wasn’t used to.

I was promoted in a dream a couple days ago that an energy that was taking the years of my cultural and spiritual totems and symbols and tools would be moved away in a rocking or wave-like movement and disappeared in front of me. I was angry because I hung onto the familiar and then I didn’t care. Spirit was testing me looking from another perspective as it moved into a space where my own daughter has her culture and spiritual totems and they too disappeared. Being protective; I was angry again but it was the wave of movement and emotions to deal with hanging onto the familiar. Why was I angry to lose things that are no longer our higher selves? I realized I was also traveling and walking in daylight in a place the had a bazaar market. I saw my Beloved and then we came back to the center. It meant the possibilities of any issues could come back to center but not with the need to attach to what expressed our own sacred divine.

I was experiencing some physical exhaustion mentally, emotionally and physically for all the resets in these aspects and of the emotional and heart bodies. I needed to rest and detox.

I then was prompted by my nausea and need to vomit from certain foods but I am sensitive to negative energies that prepare or touch the food. I was very sensitive and became too full and my physical with my general practitioner doctor revealed that my liver was off. She prompted a concern since I eat and exercise and take care of myself into a full ultrasound of my abdomen.

I was concerned and had to make time for this process of healing, reclaiming self, release of old thoughts and the past. Habits of engagement that didn’t belong in me anymore. The ultrasound revealed all organs were clear.

I was prompted to do an organ detox and detox diet. I let go of other supplements and took time for myself. I demanded people let me rest, that I always gave into and that will teach them that the unlimited without taking space for you does not serve you in the long run and place boundaries.

As I was looking out at the beautiful sunny November 2022 day over my house deck; I saw a squirrel. It paused and was my teacher today about stillness. He froze in stillness and taught me to freeze as he looked at me. I gathered the compassionate Christ Like light in me and sent this to the squirrel in gratitude for being my teacher today. It then laid flat on the deck as if to stretch in a yoga pose and the it’s hands seemed to be in prayer mudra. I then imitated and followed the squirrel’s movement. I then began to sit in lotus pose and put my hands open upward in my knees and did sacred geometry of the Mer Ka Ba (See my storytelling podcast on this.) and spun the pyramids and then did the sacred cube of Archangel Metatron to throw off negativity to spin right. I felt more the Christlike symbols and energy and into my body.

Then the squirrel said telepathically: “The past no longer is here to stay. It is a new phase in your life to move forwards in letting go of things that are stagnant.” As the squirrel got up and looked East towards where the sun rose. Then it seemed to return back to yoga pose laying flat teaching me to follow. It said that it will relocate and move to a new space. It told me that my home is a sanctuary for me and it seeked its own. It said it would find another house but I said, “You are moving from the same situation into another you wish to change from.” Self realization to be mindful to stay the course of our own space. What a revelation. That it is possible for people to change and have faith. Your change does not however be attached to the old relationships and harmony that belongs when you place your own boundaries.

What a blessing of a day and more growth to come. Thanks for reading this. I hope your journey has gentle revelations without judgment and forward movement into harmonic positive transformation. Much loving light hugs.


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