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Lessons from a Tree called "Ellijay" 9/18/2003

Ellijay has called out to me in a mental connection through the 3rd eye to journey today. I had placed a white crystal quartz to help Ellijay utilize the stone to heal and requested I leave it with her 5 more days.

My Anante (Shamanic assigned healing partner) returned the garnet stone I gave her to keep in order to heal and placed it near the Fairy (Faery) Tree in my yard where vines swing to and fro for the their amusement and is a friendly hello to me when I rise to view the back yards and all its leylines, vortex and appreciate their existence.

Again, I prepared for this journey taking the red tail hawk tail feather gifted to me by the North Shaman Teacher, wolf fur, tree branch that is used to find vortexes and portals of healing and the aventurine stone needed in my journey with my Anante in mind.

I ride on the hawk in my sacred body and fly to a golden Buddha colored sky to the Upperworld. I float past an indigo colored cosmos into a light blue sky on a cloud. There I see Archangel Michael is there with his Sword. He tells me to look at my left hand and let the hawk fly with other hawks in the Heavens.

An alabaster Pegasus (Mythological horse with wings that is sacred) appears coming in a purplish dark cloud with thundering hooves. He has golden eyes. Archangel Michael tells me to ride on Pegasus where I am transported to Mt. Olympus and the Marble temple city of the Gods/Goddesses.

Zeus welcomes me for being loyal and acknowledging their presence. He has a star bangled headdress for me and Aphrodite comes out to peek at me but Bast the Goddess of Play is there too. I pray and ask to stay on my path. The gifts I am told are only for good. Bast is black with Egyptian jewelry and she wants to play ball and swim in the Nile river and then we do this for a while and come to an embankment.

Bast is wet but is not bothered (even if a cat). I see a golden pyramid. She tells me to go to where the entrance is and to enter. Inside I look down and see myself dressed in a black greek gauze gown like a miniature Isis and the true Isis (Mother Goddess and Alchemist) appears in white. I look at her and she tells me all my helpers are with me. I see one of my guides at this period of time as Dr. Wu (helps me with Eastern medicine studies) on my left in a silk red hat and Saratoga (helps me understand my connections as shamans here and now) in buckskin clothing on my right.

I then see Selma & Salima, my earth knowledge mentors for this period of time and they are fluttering around with that common sense expression on their faces keeping watch of this whole adventure.

I see Ezra and Ezekiel my Angels, and Keith and Kevin my current spirit guides, (they have changed) and my power animals/helpers. My Guardian Dragon cannot come in but has encircled the pyramid I have entered. Raven is my sentinel and sits at the top of the pyramid keeping watch over me. The Owl (wisdom to see beyond the veils) flutters by and she is acknowledged by the Dragon and allowed to perch on the Dragon's head. The Goddess Durga (Goddess of boundaries) and a white Moon Wolf (symbol of the teacher of pure lessons) is so large and immense; she cannot come in unless I am told to fly to Grandmother Moon and get a piece of her. I ask Mother Moon for her medicine of the Feminine Divine and give her a golden piece of corn from the Corn Maiden Goddess of (wholeness). She grants me a piece of her and I fly down to Moon Wolf and give her the corn. She takes it in her mouth and eats it. Mother Wolf has white fur with blue eyes and licks me with love and approval instead of consuming me as I am relieved and grateful.

Venturing inside this pyramid’s different areas; Goddess Kali (Facing your Fears) is telling me to get up. I think she is challenging me to dance my fears away as legend tells (oh boy). Instead she dances & merges with me and allows me to see things through her eyes, souls, death and rebirth. I am looking down at her skull necklace and one similar to another Pagan Witch who physically gave me one with Shiva's tears, prayer beads, coral and turquoise with skulls. Which I have on me for this journey. Then the God Shiva appears and sees the shiva tears in my necklace and blesses me with a kiss to my forehead.

Another helper I called "Golden Child" gives me a golden butterfly coin to let it dissolve its sweet nectar of medicine in my mouth.The Goddess Minerva is present (the Goddess of healing and beliefs) with Thor and Hades. My raven gives her feathers from herself to place in a pouch magically appearing for collecting and even the moon-dust remnants from the journey to Mother Moon into the pouch. I place it on Isis's altar and she says some incantations and poof a rose quartz elixir appears in her cobalt flask.

As I bow to thank All of my Pure Light Teachers and Healers; I see all have disappeared and exit the pyramid. I am alone and Pegasus flies down to pick me up. We fly back to the Heavens where the white crystal cloud like my own white crystal quartz and Archangel Michael is on watch for me. I thank Pegasus and travel into the Heavens even more into the Hawks circling in the Heavens and find my Red Tail hawk power animal and make my way home through golden sky and see my Lakota Medicine Shaman dressed as I fondly call her "Moon Mother" asking to observe. It tells her it is okay as long as you do not interfere. Then one of my Shamanic studiers and her son say "Hello" and see her dress is a glacial waterfall and she is illuminated and her son wants to observe and not interfere. I am happy they dropped by.

I then make my way back into my grounded earthly body to infuse these very complex and diverse energies of healing and blessings to pass on the possibility of spiritual diversity. If our earth world is made up of diverse healers, helpers and teachers of pure light; there must be the same in the Heavens no matter what culture, race, language, education, body type/shape, religion or spirituality you adhere to. You must be comforted that having experienced different spiritualities is merely education and wisdom gives us more unlimited understanding and potentials to co-exist. Believe it or not. This is my journey and hope you can see the diversity in union and cooperation goes a long way with pure light essences taken from each and your allowance to receive this message. Much love.

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