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Light Your Fire: Three Stages of Healing with Fire

Light Your Fire (Three Stages of Healing with Fire Element) April 26, 2018 | Blue Thunder

It was a magical evening 4/25/2018 with Blue Thunder: We were breathing to the rhythm of the ocean wave with breath and filling our lungs, body and heart with peace. We traveled to a beach where it was a sunny day and the warm tropical gentle breeze caressed our skin. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and could hear the waves and smell the salty air. Grounded and looking around we saw palm trees, hibiscus flowers and other plants around us and saw a humming bird reminding us to dance through our lives (Ya'll know I love to dance;)) We saw a live volcanic spewing fire and lava outside as we were a safe distance from the fire and lava. We walked to a path. We saw a path in a grove or canopy of trees and the fire landed on the tree tops covering the path. We were unafraid because fire was to each us the healing power not the destructive power in this meditation. I asked people to look at one flame in the tree tops and imagine that flame surrounding you and unharmed you and it was white the color of purification and cleansing of old labels, past attachments, past pain, unempowered illusions of no self worth. I asked the people to breath in and allow it to release and cleanse the sacred body as I played a bowl. Then after that I asked people to imagine the passions of who they aspire to be, to live, to work and be supported and given light wisdom. Passion is our inner creative fire. You cannot create passion without this fire of passion that is red after your release. You sit and imagine that passion from every angle of your being, your life, what you see, what you feel and what you are. After the final stages of alchemy of fire with passion; you stood in your own sacred self and divinity in TRUTH. The real you and you became the color of blue. You sat in this truth of honor and return back to your inner sacred self. So certain and clear. I asked you to return to your body after cooling you and clearing the ashes with the rain stick. Drumming you back to your earthly body and matching the drumbeat of Mother Earth. Thank you and Namaste. Peace to you and honor you as a Universal Child of Light. Thank you.


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