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Listen to You by Blue Thunder

Don't listen to your family, don't listen to your friends, don't listen to your foes; listen to you, your heart. Stop talking, stop crying, stop being hurt and angry. Do you no matter...Yes, you can change your mind several times and you find your answers and ponder. Don't let anyone rush you into doing anything you are not ready to decide to do. Not even those close to you. They don't live your life, know your heart and really what's on your mind. Take space and time and even if you need to physically take yourself somewhere for a little while to calm, reset, rethink and are human whatever age. Even if people tell you; you should be ashamed it was do you. You take your time. You make what you want. If people say to you but where is the circus, where is the drama, where are the nasty words and where is the resolve in the obvious in their world...don't listen to that, stillness and listen to your heart. Reflect and know the truth in all your flaws and then make your move. People will intrude in your life, impose in your life because when you serve and forget about you; you can be taken for granted to do what they want even though it is not what you want thinking it makes perfect sense. They are not standing in your shoes totally; they also may have an agenda, revenge and outstretched reaction and resolve they have for themselves imposed strongly on you. Take a step away and calmly tell them...this is my life and I respect your resolves and intentions for me that make sense to you...but that's not me. Honor me as I honor you in my own thy will be done. Than take space and keep focusing on your resolve, your life and no one can interfere how you choose to make peaceful resolve in various ways. Don't listen to the agendas and insults when you don't follow what they say; be assured God is with you holding you, loving you and allowing you to find your way in this beautiful world of choices. You choose. You are power in your words and no words or actions or no actions. Sometimes, a fight is not needed when there's a space and place you choose to be alone and finding yourself and your wants and needs...if they insist...keep your distance until you feel you can be in their presence or not. It's a choice everyday and maintain you, your peace, your life and your divine right to live it the way you wish without imposing and judging other's diverse ways of resolve. Much much loving resolutions in whatever may be present in your mind. Let go of the past, let go and release and be in stillness of peace, quiet and healing serenity in silence. The answers come to you this way. Allow God to engage with you and listen. Don't forget his presence or her presence is there always...never left with Unconditional Love. That's who you can depend on. Ask and you shall receive Beloved. I will. PIcture of Jim Peera enjoying Father's Day weekend with my son at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, TN.


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