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Listening to my Guardian Angels

Dear Ones;

My life as a young child and teen in a gang-filled neighborhood was not so easy to stay on track. However, I stayed away from parties and dances to make sure I didn't run into any drug dealers, pimps or prostitutes or angry gang members.

I had about an 8 block walk through the neighborhood to my mother's parents home. I was glad my grandparents moved to my state and missed their cooking and their wisdom.

I was walking and a white man I had never seen in this neighborhood was in a car. I knew he wasn't from our place because we had Mexican and Blacks in our neighborhood. He had stopped his car to ask for 'directions.' He called me over but I knew being on guard on all my walks in this neighborhood that not to go closed to his car. I stood and asked what he wanted. He then acted as if he couldn't hear me to draw me closer. He then saw I wasn't going to move to him and talked louder with a smile asking the most common Hispanic name for a man named Lopez. I knew one a block from him and he was the school bully. I told him he is next block over.

My angels kicked into gear and I started my pace but the Angels said walk fast at this pace and move over a couple steps and I did. I heard an aerial zing in the air but the telephone pole I was near had a brace of metal chain it hit. He was trying to shoot a tranquilizer into me and I ran and he took off and I acted as if I was knocking on a neighbors house but it was a man I knew just from passing that I walked opposite of his house and went quickly by.

That day was my lucky day as he usually sat on the porch but this time he had his door open and a screen door. I told him that a man tried to get me. He then said, "Come on in in a tone that was like a viper and it's prey coming for him as I felt it." Luckily, he had his lock on the screen door and I said "Nevermind!' and ran so fast. My brothers were into track and field. So I had that tendency to be fast. They had no idea with shy me that I used to out run when I was little 6/7 years old all age groups in P.E. That came in handy.

I had to pass the park where drug deals where done looking everywhere and gang low riders went by trying to dodge and weave the dip in the road that a car couldn't get me and ran all the way to my grandparents. I then was so glad to be at their home. I told my grandparents what happened and my mother showed up. I told her and then after a visit and some food; my mother took me home.

That was so many strikes that could've happened to me. Guardian Angels really worked hard for me. So grateful. Anytime, you get specific instructions with clear cut voice; follow it. It's your Guardian Angel keeping you safe.


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