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Loneliness by Donna Peera 1981

Loneliness written by Donna Peera 1981

Loneliness- the deep pain of sadness,

A desolate soul’s absence of gladness,

Meeting lost friends rewarded as a dream,

Memories of a loved one entwined with death,

Death, the dark bearer of eternal peace,

One that gives value to what life may mean,

Zest for life, with at its’ end take one’s breath,

And with Death’s token man can only cease,

Loneliness can be a rich man’s treasure,

Famous feelings that man cannot measure,

Promises only spoken not returned,

Like a broken-heart’s letters that are burned,

The determined loser’s friend - misery,

Ah! Loneliness, immortalized through history!

Won Region Poetry in AZ my Senor year in College Prep English, Pueblo H.S.

Read this to honor my Grandma Mager’s passing 1 a.m. April 23, 1993, Tucson, Arizona at St. Mary’s Hospital.


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