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Long Version of the Journey to Meet Apollo before Audio Recording

Journey with Apollo at Crete Falls (Greece) Milanos

This is the original journey before alterations my Beloveds because of the great detail would distract you from the audio recording of this story to discovering your strengths and loyalties.

In this journey, my pure lights came and guarded and protected both my sacred and earthly body. There was a golden chariot with the Pegasus - the divine winged horse pulling Apollo towards you. Apollo appeared and he did not carry any weapons or lyre for which he is known for. He is known for prophecy, agriculture, arts/music, poetry, archery and healing. He has hair so bright from the rays of the Father Sun and his eyes that when you look into them feel infinite and cosmically connected. He is the son of Zeus and Leto. A Greek God and has a twin Sister named Artemis of the Goddess of Hunt and Moon.

I was sitting in lotus pose and we were transformed in front of a mirror the size of half my body. My body had slime and sludge on it from untruths and errors of my ways in relationships in my life. I carried around this untruth because I placed conditions and did not commit the reverence that I was in my strengths. I weakened because of these conditions or yielded to others to please them in order to heal them and was swept into fantasy instead of reality.

The Sun God says the purpose of this journey is to find your strengths. What are your strengths and write these on the mirror. As you discover what your strengths are; begin to think how you were not loyal to yourself by adhering to other’s expectations of who you were. I will give you examples: If you commit to truth as your strength; is there an issue you are struggling with that exemplifies the opposite. That you hid away between another or others you so wanted to help or gain approval because you have a void inside of you to fill? What ways did you not commit to your usual strengths? If you were truth then why did you sneak around and make an excuse for yourself to do the opposite of truth? What actions will you do to amend this? This is the time to release and take responsibility for your tests of who you are good and strong at. Was it loyalty? Did you feel that an exception on an individual on a secret basis by exemplifying disloyalty to another in your committed relationship whether familiar, romantic, friendship in your ties to those you announced and committed loyalty was in fact the opposite of disloyalty and untruth.

You became swept up into fantasizing what it was you found strength in and made an excuse that it was right and in fact you knew it was wrong in the back of your mind. Forgive yourself, come clean to the one who is affected most in this relationship….you. Make amends with yourself by coming into your truth and adhere to it. Make any amends with those you are involved in your truth and have forgotten your strength and commitment. Apollo has his bow and arrow and gives you the power to pull the bow to shoot the arrow to the spot in the Crete Falls to start your healing. You take the bow and arrow and it falls in a spot to take your place in the caverns that are in the Falls. You take notice of your spot to ascend to of many caverns of falls for you.

Look at yourself as you manifest the polar opposite of what you wish to remove the slime and sludge of weaknesses and replace them with what your strengths are. Recommit to these strengths by feeling it and taking action and speaking what you are. YOU are the energy you most focus on and this is the time of strength. As you write the changes after erasing what you are not or forgetting your commitment; God Apollo takes you to a waterfall in Crete (Greece). He asks you after we feel certain and re-committed to your strengths to walk into the falls and water where the slime and sludge is bathed and taken away into a lagoon and ocean. As you float effortlessly; there are friendly dolphins symbol of psyche, inner childlike play and intelligence you see swimming gently around you and nudging you gently as if to encourage the journey of strengths you’ve always held in your mind and will adhere to in earthly life. You feel the dolphins friendly demeanor and they playfully swim around you and you feel so much joy in the unification of you and your strengths again. You start to move and swim with these dolphins in the ocean. Enjoying the ability to swim in this magical lagoon into the ocean. Dashing and darting around the dolphins and the dolphins playing with you. Such a healing and happy reunion of you and your strengths. As the day starts to change into night; the dolphins click and make noises as if to say farewell to you. The dolphin family will always be there when you need re-commitment to your strengths. Take these back into your earthly body. You say farewell to your dolphin family and God Apollo for this healing and much needed journey of the time. You gift him bay laurel leaves that are the herbs used for prophecy and the oracle that Apollo is also in charge of the Oracles of Delphi. You enter the golden chariot of Apollo’s to return to the earthly body.


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