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Love and Acceptance Nov 2014

Today's Meditation of Love and Acceptance was wonderful. Since some folks missed it esp.

Austin McRoberts using the White Light for Purity, cleansing and clarity. Know that you are unconditionally loved and you are love. Then utilizing the Red light of passion (not anger) to then like white paint and red paint mixed together creates pink the color of self love / inner love and be bathed in this light being unlimited, being LOVE and having this warmth of love like liquid gold feel deeply in you body and heart. Come back to the earthly dimension and have gratitude for doing this....then say to yourself loving things and hug yourself saying: "I love you, I love you...I love you. Carry this around knowing if you become Mr. Grumpy Gills you must acknowledge that you are not being loving to yourself or is another person is Mr. Grumpy Gills...then; they do not love themselves. Peace and Love. Good night and thank you all for meditating...carry this forward with you. Peace.


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