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Make Way For You

Unfollow and unfriending is essential if we agree to disagree. Please don't ask for advise if you cannot do the work needed to do it.

I have been asked to go to remote locations where I feel danger or menacing or sinister energies as a set up. I will not travel long distance or go to homes or places unfamiliar with.

It doesn't matter how friendly you are. It's my intuition and guides waving a red flag because the clarity of intention is not there. That means honesty wasn't there or clarity or even if the work is done; it wouldn't stick because people do not want to change their vibrations and do the work to make it stick.

Don't put yourself second for anyone. Love and be you without dependency, manipulation or control. This is ego and show of ptsd and trauma or abuse or neglect. You are loved more then you think as you clear and clean on your own. We don't need to play games and waste each other's time. We need to agree to disagree and move on.


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