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Manipulation 10/1/2020

Manipulation is a dark way of trying to enter your mind and changing who you think you are, what you believe in and losing your boundaries and creating uncertainty in your mind. Do yourself a favor and think about whether it is truth and leads to peace, unity and love with respect and decency for all. There are times I advise folks that just because we have a nurturing heart; doesn't mean we are a 24/7 convenience store and people have the rights to our space, mind and body. No way is what I say. Maybe you have to be a Jerk or a B*tch to place your boundaries. I have had male clients and women try to cry to evade the real person they are to get into my energy field. My Guides tell me and Angels say: "No do not go near, do not approach and do not touch because this is a ploy to manipulate." Listen by your gut and creating a bond between you and Spirit with your Spiritual Entourage - Guides and Angels and all Pure Lights. Create a bond by saying thank you as you discover who they are every day and you will be in alignment with the Light. Clear and cleanse your energy field after visiting different spaces and people. Maintain the Light you are from the Great Light Connection of Above you are never separated from. Much loving light hugs in creating your sacred space and boundaries.


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