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Meditation Back into the Cave of My Self Healing 12/6/2021

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Meditation back to the Cave of Healing 12/6/2021

Dear Beloved and Universal Tribe;

I wish much peace, understanding and love to you. May we see each other as One. We see each other as flawed and yet we send love from our heart to yours and each other. May we be embraced by the Unconditional Love of the Universal Loving Creator - the embodiment of the Feminine and Masculine in Union and Wholeness.

I wish to share a meditation back into my own Cave of Healing. It is a sanctuary where I go only alone for my own self care and healing. The Pure Light Protectors from Temple Guardians, The White Knights of the Brotherhood and Angelic Ones of Pure Divinity surround me. My Power Animals are there in the Cave. I am summoned by a Dalai Lama looking man to enter my Cave that has been a long time that I visited. My power animals gave me healing and healing tools to adorn me. I was humbled and grateful. I needed this healing for so long. They embraced me. Some perched on my shoulder as the Owl spreads it’s huge white wings as if shielding or summoning my own wings to come out and the Hawk is reminding me to see precisely and the Eagle wears protective armor on it’s head and puts it on my head and crowns me.

The Jaguar is my Dominant Power Animal when I started Shamanism became the stone table of the Mesa itself...My Jaguar and seated and crowned was the new partner Power Animal - Groundhog. Reminded me that the power to see differently and resolve differently are a needed skill to be reminded of the Ground hog’s purpose and teachings and connection to Mother/Father Earth. The Jaguar Mesa is the foundation of my Empowerment table.

The Dragon surrounds the inside of the Cave as it always guards me as well and the Sacred Siberian Tiger is in it’s own corner guarding me as well. The Hare jumps on me to remind me that strength and power does not mean losing your femininity again. That the swift agility and quick wit and sensuality of its symbolism is the birthing of abundant new potentials on my path of light. Suddenly, my Bear comes to me as the White Wolf, my teacher of Light observes the lesson. In Shamanism, when a power animal is eaten or it attacks you or eats you in the spiritual realm is a medicine. This Bear consumes me so I am joined with the Bear’s energy of territory and family and I become the Bear. It is the time of life for me to remember my Family and my boundaries and the huge heart the bear has and is respected. As I am my own Bear; I see 4 Phoenix’s are at all 4 corners burning negatively by illuminating and eliminating it all around me and the White Buffalo has been revealed as I turn into my Spirit Body of wings and blue skin (no not avatar...haha) and given a healing to my crown and 3rd eye chakra from the Eagle. I begin to feel my body so relaxed and breathe in and out comfortably. I express gratitude to my Spirit Guides and Angels. I do feel one is leaving me some time but I am grateful for her presence in my past life and this life as my guide. Blessings upon her light expansion.

The White Buffalo is revealing the image of all of us in this Cave are in this Animal’s Belly. The White Buffalo is of Oneness lessons of harmony and abundance to all. As I see this and am

Grateful for the understanding I am held in its glory and power center is comforting to me. I feel the gifts I give of roses with Dubian smells in metal sculptures are gifted to each Power Animal and swords of intricate rose design hilts are given to the Temple Guardians and the Arabian curved ones with intricate designs on the blades to the White Knights, and all essences of love to Zeus and Gods and Goddesses from all around as well as the Angelic ranks, mythological teachers, Sisterhood of the Swords and the Upper realm. It was a deep healing with deep gratitude. I then saw Archangel Metatron and gave him a cube with the rose essence spinning inside and other rose type gifts. The gift of the rose is neutrality that helps us understand and Symbol of Unconditional Love. I then am transported into my earthly body.

It was a blessing of a moment in time and I share this with you to remind you to visit your own Cave or Sanctuary and gather gratitude and allow healing on yourself from those that are Pure Lights to assist you. Do this often and you can overcome such darkness and negative outer influences that try to bring you down, dampen your beautiful eyes, your voice and living.

May you be blessed this holiday season with strength and focus only on the positives and fulfill your own tribute of self care and love because your unseen spiritual entourage is always ready and with you. You are capable, loved, strong and able. Much much much love. Namaste. Thank you for Being here. Peace to you.


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