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Meditation July 4, 2024 with Thoth Overcoming Chaos

Meditation July 4, 2024 with Thoth Training Overcoming Chaos & my Message

Gym was my destination. I stretched, toned, breathed and did my pure barre, medicine ball, bandwork and bosu ball workouts. I have been prompted to speak to people sharing my knowledge and God given wisdom lately at the gym….haha! At the end of my workout I have trained my mind and you can too to meditate in a noisy environment to train yourself to be vigilant in peace and calm for resolve no matter if chaos is around you. This is a good preparation to try and you’ll be successful with dedication to peace and acceptance of the environment and not be affected by it. It is a good discipline and uses the Qi Gong as preparation dispersing excess or other energies not identified with your divinity. 

I was meditating accepting all the people and their chatter and gym equipment music and joy and allowing peace to permeate around and inside of me. I felt the ease in my head and heart and then I felt the MerKaBa energy spin of the two opposing pyramids for my gender and clearing and opening portals of light. The chakras cleared and beyond the crown with pure light and I felt the DNS strands being cleansed and spun. I allowed the grounding of myself into the earth and planted my neutralizing symbols around me. Then I breathed and opened my palms to receive pure light information and energy frequencies. I blessed my power animals and my Angels…Guardian and Protection. I blessed the Temple Dragon and the Temple Guardians, the Sisterhood of the Swords and Shields and the White Brotherhood standing guard in my outer points beyond the Galactic Pure Light Guardians.

I blessed the new wisdom reading the Temple of Light about the sequences of pyramid holy sites where Osirus the husband of Isis was killed by his brother and she placed pyramids or temples for each body part that was thrown near the Nile River in Egypt. Each temple held frequency and light wisdom for each part of meaning in this spirituality and sacred ancient text.

I was in a sarcophagus (See my Ascension experience prompted by a couple). There I saluted Thoth and his Temple Priests who chanted constantly the magical healing light words. This birth, death and renewal experience in that blog will help you understand the presence of these light beings.)  There was Osirus and next to him on my right was Sekhmet, opposite the sarcophagus was Isis (She has an order of initiates …priestesses called Gen-Isis (genesis). Anyway, continuing this meditation, Thoth was there next to Isis and Ascended Master Serapis Bey was at my head and Ra at my feet. I thanked each and everyone of them. The Ankh and the Sceptre now in my hands were sacred tools. I was to review and renew myself in this wisdom from past life experiences. At some point the chanting and announcement of the energy words Thoth gave me became so natural to me and at times a heart ping of sentimental memories. The blue liquid alchemy fluid that Isis has poured on me as her apprentice is a healing elixir of light healing. I sometimes speak in light language if in a euphoric state or if coming to a familiar feeling or experience my soul recognizes and speaks for me. 

This journey is never finished in the Temple of Flesh and it continues beyond it. I was told that training with the noise of the outer world is necessary to bring you back to center into your Sacred being and fulfill your universal path as messenger and light wisdom sharer. To shine an eternal Flame of Wisdom for those to be drawn to and expand their light as you shall. I am most grateful for the wisdom imparted to me to share. There will be some who will not be able to accept it or digest it. You have to be ready to consume a gentle meal of this that feeds your soul. It is beyond government, scholastic public school, and religious doctrine. He says you have knowledge that was ancient that was incorrect in sacred books and mythology to explain away the advanced technology and existence beyond the human species. The human species is destructive because they need to focus on the Higher Self. Why not? Instead of brooding over the darkness and chaos; celebrate the opening of the revelation of it and make a new world of light and all embracing. Well, that’s my meditation and I thanked them as the Light hit my DNA strand and my chakras, especially crown, 3rd eye and heart in my hands and feet where the Shen Men points are the gates of light portals. We are a Universe until yourself and how to we make our light shine so bright that our own Universes intertwine in light as companions and a whole unite of light so strong the no other cracks will be hidden of darkness and we resolve to remove it and dissolve it with persistence, courage, truth and light with unconditional love and releasing unhealthy attachments or cords to those that love the darkness. Their allegiance is not what we need any more. Walk away and do not be swallowed by it. Be bitter to its taste with truth, light, action to make this a better planet and thriving so that we get along with our galactic advanced planets and visitors of light who only watch wish and hope without harm to us or domination. We are the experiment and how do we come to resolve it? Much loving light wisdom hugs.


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