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Meditation of Manifestation

July 29, 2018 | Blue Thunder

Hello Manifestors of Light! Hope all is well with you in this period of committing to your new manifestations of mind-body-spirit. Hope the releases of the old you are breathing through. We did a preparation meditation for the Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon on Wed., 7/25/18). Awww the Moon is so beautiful still. Seeing Mars beside it makes is a time to breath and not make hasty or erratic decisions, conversations or agreements or actions. Take a breath each day. Here's my version of the Ode to the Triple Dark Goddess (eclipse) Cerridwen..Welsh Goddess.She embodies the Maiden (Youth), Woman (Adult) and Crone (Elder). Symbols of the 3 stages of life and self in our creations of positive manifestations. The first step is thinking in a pure heart and simplest form the manifestation/s you wish to create without fear or conditions (blockages/excuses). Be pure and simple and write these down. This will help in simplifying and editing your manifestations. Is it good health, relationship/s (work/love/friendships/family) or dreams and goals in your life in career or self loving and pampering or inner child like fantasies? This is the time to gain clarity and then this is the beginning of the Manifestation commitment. Breath in peace and loving acceptance of self & forgiveness into your heart. This is the time to ground into Mother Earth the nurturer and supporter and allow your body to deeply root sending all anxiety, doubt or stress into her. This is the time to gain clarity and release any old relationships, old dreams, old situations of the past that no longer service or are completed in manifestation to create a clear new ones. Let go. As your Earthly body is grounded and protected; your pure light helpers are there to guide and guard both earthly and sacred body. Your sacred body goes to a space in time to a forest trail and as your feet you see a tunnel into the earth that is big as you are. You are drawn down into this tunnel winding deeply through it smelling the moist earth around you and you end up inside Mother Earth into a Chamber. In this chamber, you recall the cycles of Life - Birth-Death-Renewal and this applies to all your manifestations. The symbols of this growth is 3 spiritual entities of Pure Light in the form of youth, then adult and then elder. You see these as your own personal images of your manifestation and see their clothing, hair, skin around this Cauldron to the Universe. They are there to assist in creating your maniefestation/s with a pure heart, simple formation without conditions/complexity. It is your Divine time to achieve all that is good in your life. As you form the manifestation/s you send them into the Cauldron as the Spiritual entities review your intent to see is more purity and simplicity is needed. If so, they send it back to you to revise and feel it, breath it and see it and as you have reached clarity; you send your manifestation/s back to the Cauldron. Then these are mixed into the Cauldron to the Universe as you commit to taking the focus and action in earth time towards your manifestation/s. Then you return back to your earthly body to awaken and walk in your divine path to fulfill and send this to the Blood Moon (Mother Goddess) to achieve and dedicate to your best Self forward. You ground and with much Gratitude...I wish you "Merry Manifestations" as we have infused our pure manifestations into the wine on my Mesa. Happy to share and increase the vibrations with my bowls/cauldron and sound healing. Thank you or BEing here. I love you. Namaste/Peace to you/Much love.


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