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Meditation to Learn You are Everywhere - A High Potential of Wisdom

Dear Unlimited Creative Beings of Light!

You are a high potential of light and so divine. This is my meditation of simplicity and expansiveness.

I was grounded feeling the white light bathe me and permeate all around me as I breathed it in, fully cleansing all debris of emotions, doubt and other energies. It is a good time to frequently reconnect to Sacred Self.

I imagined the last blog of ‘Creating Your Sacred Space’ shown in my March 2023 Newsletter. What a joy to communicate to you. Although words are limiting but hope to convey what is shown to me by Sacred Source of Light and All Wisdom.

I imagined my Sacred Space and a beautiful cascading waterfall surrounded by forest trees and plant guardians. The water landed in a cleansed purified calming pool. I sat on a stone surrounding the waterfall and hung my feet in the water smelling the mist and feeling tiny droplets on my skin. The water felt warm to touch and comfortable as I decided that the ‘baptism’ of my own being needed to happen. I was in the pool and strong golden butterflies lifted me up to the cliff above the waterfall. I was unclothed but felt so empowered and the connection to the elements was so refreshing. The smell of fir and pine trees wisped the gentle warming breeze that dried my body and I observed the massive space of my own manifested dwelling…my sacred space. I stood strong looking out at the beauty of PachaMama - Mother Earth. Pachamama is a MesoAmerican Goddess of the Latin countries known for her embracing and healing gifts she provides for us to learn and heal and be healed. What a blessing today was.

I then was carried up bathed in a golden veiled light gold gown. It wasn’t fabric but light that clothed me. The light of compassion of the Feminine and Masculine Compassionate Robe of love. The ‘jewels’ of light bathed me. I was bejeweled in my veiled golden light robe. I then went into the sky into the void, the space of creation before we are solidly formed flesh and bones. It was massive and I transformed in flight from a robe into a Seraph like gown of gold. It was sheer…just like the royal robes I wore in Egypt in my past life as a Seer for Pharaoh. The tail of light behind me flying strong like a comet tail of light projected me like an astronaut into the cosmos and the stars and silence welcomed me. How nice to hear silence. Nothingness to the restive state of the mind. I was floating on misty clouds laying back as the star beings came to me and they all made operative sounds of different octaves. It was their own way of welcoming into their domain of darkness they made light. It was a beautiful symphony of sound. Sound is so healing and I listened and when they finished; Spirit spoke to me.

Spirit taught me that we can create our sacred space whatever it may be a room, a expansive or small space that we place our own divinity objects and meaning essences of the mind there to remind and empower to only ‘collect’ what is inspirational and strengthening to us and our own divine essence and expression of light. However, space is not restrictive and not measured by concepts of how big or small or beautiful but a certainty of who we are in our own dwelling. It is also the knowledge of “We are Unlimited Beings of Light Potential.” We are the manifestors of our path. We are the power within that does not impose but quietly exists with others. Then the lesson of expansiveness was shown to me when I was dissipating into vapors as Thoth and his Priests chanted over the transformation into essence. With this transformational vapor; we have the ability to be everywhere and anywhere. We have the potential as we have returned to this earth many times to learn and experience and access any type of wisdom we put our pure hearts and egoless minds to without harm and pure love. You can and have been places that you have not in your own present form and mind but yet you have lived many lives to understand and we can understand with compassion if we choose and live in harmony comfortable with the thought we are already expansive and we have experienced and can achieve the re-remembering of light wisdom we had forgotten over time. We can be what we focus on as Lord Ganesh appeared to remind me saying: “Trust the flow and abundance (of wisdom access).” Then out of his trunk he blew golden energy into my golden ignited sacred body still robed like a Seraphim wings of compassion. I was grateful and said, “Thank you!” I returned to my Earthly body and the energy spun rapidly from my crown chakra and continually spinning throughout into my root chakra. What a blessed experience and message to share with you. You are unlimited and sacred beyond your limits here and now thought in flesh and bones. You are a Being of High Potential. Welcome back. Live a life without limitations. Give yourself some love and go forward. It is an honor to share with you. Namaste and Peace to You. Thank you for Being Here and understanding Sacred Space is beyond four walls. Peace and Aho!


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