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Meditational Psychometry of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi - Past Life continued of Oracle

In Shamanism; I had learned my past lives and one was the Oracle of Delphi in Greece as I was only 16 years of age. This is the story as I wanted to expand on that lifetime. It was a slightly rainy day for the tour to Delphi. As we boarded the bus and left Athens; the rain increased and we were worried about the pouring rain to be able to tour and enjoy the trip. I prayed to the sky gods, Zeus, Hera/Juno and Rain Goddesses, the Muses of the Mountains and Apollo we passed and offered laurel leaf crowns to all the Gods and Goddesses in Greek the work for all is ‘pan’ and sent wisteria which they were amazed with and white doves to Zeus who calls me ‘Dove.’ I made a golden gemmed goblet for Apollo and smaller ones for the Gods and Goddesses as gifts. I asked them and the elements to have mercy and forgive any past discrepancies from all of them and permission to tour and learn about the site. I prayed and the more rain came down. Then continued to send laurel leaves and wisteria and doves and they were very pleased at my vigilance. They told me my name was ‘Hespera - Evening Star’ and I was an Oracle at 16 years of age and died because a King didn’t like my prophecy. The King was my current husband in this lifetime and was an idealistic ruler and this is why he is so protective of me and talks to me as a young gal in a fatherly way and I quickly correct him but so concerned for my safety in this lifetime out of that feeling he was left with finding the details out of my death.

Returning back to the intention the King had after he disliked the prophecy I shared; he sent 2 men to kill me quickly. They came and kidnapped me and gouged my eyes out and cut my tongue and raped me for 3 days in a cave and then they strangled me by hanging. The King wanted to know how I died and was suspicious of the men he hired when given vague answers; in time they finally told him the truth about how they treated me. Then the King was abhorred and punished them with the same treatment as he lamented over the death of a young virgin. To kill an Oracle is very bad in this way and was abominable.

As ‘Hespera’; I was taken to my ‘house’ meditating by a column of the Temple of Apollo. My family house was my first house but when I was chosen to be an Oracle; my ‘house’ was the Temple of Apollo. I saw in the village of Delphi my Father and Mother and a younger sister. I was the oldest daughter. They chose me to be an Oracle. I was sad to leave my family but my Father told me that he didn’t have a son to make him proud and only daughters and that my appointment to serve in the Temple of Apollo was an honor to the family and blessings to service for the family. I was taught rituals from the Priests and how to wrap my body in white cloth before dipping into sacred waters so my private parts with the help of another Oracle were modestly covered and I put my tunic which was white over it. I wore a headdress of cloth that tied around my head for the purity in mind to serve. I learned rituals and how entrails were read and then word got out that I prophesied in great detail is when I became in high demand…the Priests were original Creten priests who would then distract the Receiver if I ventured into politics or information the Priests were to handle and have another Oracle take me away and say I was finished and would take care of other matters. What some Receivers failed to understand the Oracle spoke in complex messages and needed the Received to clarify the meaning if they didn’t but alas some would blame the Oracle and not clarify and some lost kingdoms either not questioning when going to war which kingdom would fail if she said if you go to this; the kingdom would fail. He was to then have the responsibility of asking to say which kingdom? His or the other side?

In the Temple of Apollo and Delphi where the Oracles prophesied messages under the rituals and right time to do so for many leaders, kings and dignitaries of varied kingdoms, cities and countries. There were two Temple Priests that the Prophecy was trained in Rituals in honor of Apollo. There was a sacred water she stepped in with the priests who were highly educated as if 7 degrees of education and very wise in worldly affairs.. Our tour guide said it was like CNN, Yale and Harvard combined and they advised on major questions. The Oracle was not to give specific messages in these topics but under the trance state; I was quickly ushered away so the Priests could cover these worldly topics. God Apollo wanted the receiver to reach in inner depths to figure out the mystical messages and sounds the Oracle made that Priests wrote down. She would eat laurel leaves to put her in a trance state and breathe the vapor coming from the earth and have two chasms meeting. She was seated on top of a high column like stool to not touch the ground to represent the high pure energy of the Cosmos. Then she would ask the Receiver what the question was. Before they could see the Oracle; the Receiver was told it was a good time to offer their sacrifices and visit the Oracle if the sacrifice was approved after examining the entrails, if healthy, etc. The altar was across from Temple Apollo’s entrance to have an animal sacrifice. Its blood, bones and entrails were burned and meat shared with family later but the Temple had a door open with Apollo's statue facing out to watch the animal sacrifice for him to see the sacrifice and to be happy. The entrails were read as well to see if this was an acceptable offering to Apollo and then went with the Oracle to Receive their question. Too many Receivers had ulterior motives and didn’t like that the Oracle’s answer would kidnap and kill or take advantage of the Oracle and disappeared. Then after much problems with this; they decided a woman of over 50 years of age would give prophecy instead and leave her husband and family dedicating her life to Apollo and prophecy.

I had a short life and too many young virgin Oracles died or were kidnapped. At times; some rulers were uncouth and stole sacred statues and or destroyed the Temple and the surrounding treasures/chapels that housed each kingdom or cities or nation’s represented when they arrived. There was a theater of performances and vendors that sold goods. The building was painted ornately with much gold, silver and bronze and those quickly disappeared by looters or conquerors. The last ruler was Pagan was Juilian and after he ruled…the Temple of Apollo was no longer nor the Oracle visited or found useful. Time went on and Rulers wanted to rule the Church and opted for Christianity and even killed those dedicated to the Pagan religions. So now you see some temples or statues of Gods and Goddesses were melted down for tools, etc. I must say that the God Apollo was good at archery, poetry, playing the lyre music, psyche and the Oracles were called ‘delphin’ after the dolphin that represented psyche. When I visited Apollo in my meditations; he called me ‘Delfin.’ I was showing them I moved forward and was no longer in that suffering and happy in this lifetime and to learn from the Gods and Goddesses and Pure Lights an understanding of myself, my relationship with husband and his behavior to worry about my safety and my hesitancy of using my voice as it was a penalty from different lifetimes. It was a closure and healing honor.

The sunny day through the tour was a great gift and blessing and I gave thanks to the Gods and Goddesses, Muses especially Apollo for the history lesson and more details of my past life. Thank you immensely. Eternally soul forwarding and grateful.

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