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Mediumship Experiences Continued

When I was little; I would crave to have another sister in the house. I was the middle child between two brothers. After my Sister, Angela, passed when I was 3/4 years old; I wanted a playmate. I would often ask my parents for a Sister.

I remember after leaving the military for my Grandfather's health; my Dad would have private conversation with my Mother. She then would cry and he would say's all right. So in the end; I was the only daughter. Every All Souls Day; I would ask to see her and have the little sister experience. I had a costume mask and left it out after Halloween. On All Souls Day she appeared to move the mask around and felt very playful. I would speak to her and tell her that I was her big sister and some other items would move. I welcomed her for the time she had with me. I never told my parents or brothers because they wouldn't be excited about this.

When we moved to Arizona to assist my Dad's parents as they were aging and Grandpa was in and out of hospital with emphysema and oxygen tanks in their home. Grandpa passed in less than a year after moving from lush Oregon to the dry desert. Dad was doing construction and one point worked for Lear Jet that went out building airplane cabinets. He was a carpenter. When his father died; he was disappointed but remained protective of his Mom. I became close to her as she wanted help in getting her house clean. I would go over and sweep and mop floors, clean the fridge and counters and stove out, clean the bathroom out and vacuum and dust. She took me to doctor appointments or to have ice cream on those days. I visited with her friends who were caretakers of a mansion with citrus orchards and the married couple was intrigued with puzzles and made pictures after they were pieced together. The would give bags of citrus and then I found out I was allergic to citrus. Part of my childhood doctor visits were from having eczema.

I remember I called her weekly to check on Grandma. She showed me albums and pointed different cousins I had and my Aunts and Uncles. I remember one day she did not pick up the phone and then the next day. I told my Mom but she said it wasn't anything. I then called the 3rd day and told her and my Dad. He became worried and drove there. I was glad as Mom scolded me about causing such a fuss. She had had a stroke and lay on the living room floor for 3 days. Her neighbor said she tried to visit but she didn't answer her knocking. He had the ambulance take her and she had to have speech therapy. She was a strong woman who reminded me of the character in the movie 'Driving Miss Daisy' and she was not keen on their marriage. However, it was decided she move to her older son's home and she didn't want to go. She apologized for being difficult to my Mother before boarding the plane. My Mother always accepted apologies and told her it was all right.

One day in High School; I was rehearsing with the choral department on a show we would put on teamed with the drama department. Grandma on my Mother's side was a dancer, made costumes and cooked like no other. She gave me some costume pieces as it was the play 'South Pacific' and anyway after a rehearsal and break; I heard my Dad's Grandma's voice tell me: "Donna, I have died and passed but I am all right. I just wanted to tell you." I couldn't respond but a fellow chorus member saw my face wince a bit but I had to cover it up because I had to mentally prepare myself for my parents at home. I walked in and knew but I didn't want to scare my parents because I know their looks to each other when things happened with me. I waited as my Dad was sad and asked my mother: "Do you want me to tell her or do you?" I said, "What? It's Grandma...she died and had to cry although I was happy for her passing because it was more acceptable to my parents when my sister passed I had smiled because I saw Heaven take her in a good way but with them..I had to cry for their coping and understanding. I was 16 years old when she passed.

I had a estranged Uncle on my Mother's side and he was a bongo player and knew the casino life more than anyone. He had been married a few times and was overweight. I knew he craved real love but he had to love himself. I couldn't say it. He came to me one day as I got an idea to take the family to African drum class. It was fun but not for me. He paced up and down the hall waiting for my return to teach me the drums. I told him that it wasn't necessary and appreciate and then he left. He apologized from listening to other relatives and not accept my husband and his family when we briefly visited at 21 years of age.

The next incident was my pet dog Sam. He loved me so and we couldn't take him to live in our apartment. He literally howled in anguish when I left. I was sad and then heard he had died after his spirit visited me to say that he would never leave me and that I left him behind. He was part coyote and shepherd. That prompted me to ask my Dad where the dog was and he stammered and said he had died and couldn't tell me. I told him to freak him out as usual that I knew as his spirit came to me and let me know.

The next incident was dating my Beloved. There was a huge picture his mother had blown up of their Dad who has passed when my husband was 13. His eyes followed me everywhere. I felt a paternal presence as he, his brother and uncle and mother lived in one house. I could see a pant leg passing the hallway and when family gathered holidays; he was there observing. He wanted unity and acceptance. I tried to tell my Beloved of my gifts and he was superstitious because of the medicine men and women in East Africa. When we married, we stayed in his bedroom and my husband was asleep. I felt a cold presence and his father appeared in a dark blue bathrobe and light blue pajamas and old fashioned leather flip flops. He was tall and bald and had hair on the sides. His Spirit communicated to me without moving his mouth. He said, "I am so happy you married my son and I want to give you a kiss." I was so scared and tried to wake my husband but he said I was dreaming and go back to sleep as his Father evaporated. The next morning I revealed to his mother and described what he wore. I told her his message and that his hand had a outline of where a watch used to be worn on his wrist. She confirmed that it was him and she was wanting to be closer to me than ever.

I had had my 2nd child and needed a break visiting my family in Arizona again with my daughter at 6 months old who had colic for last 3 months. I was told to visit by Spirit my Mother's Mom (Grandmother) as she needed a sign to leave this earth. I told Spirit and Ascended Master Jesus that I couldn't and he said, "It is not your choice." I went and cooked for her and did her laundry and helped my mother clean her room. I was doing this in between breast feeding my daughter. At the point the visit was ended; Jesus told me: "She needs a sign and kiss her in the sign of the cross to let her go." I told him with my mind that I don't want to but I knew it was my service to her and God. I slowly kissed her in the sign of the cross forehead, cheeks and chin. She was rambling about things and when I did that; she quieted down and seemed to understand that she can go. I told her: "See you later Grandma." I couldn't break down in front of my Mom or Grandpa or my daughter. I had to keep focused. After a week of returning; she died.

Another incident was with my Grandpa the widow of my Mom's Mom was a rambunctious man...a Navy man. He was a sailor true to heart. He loved me as I wrote him and called and sent gifts to him and whatever he needed. He had Alzheimer's and he wouldn't let me talk to any of the neighbors and took roommates who robbed him as I sent money for food and kept telling my relatives there to check on him for yard, air-conditioner and his memory. They were in denial. It was hard being out of state. He said, "You're the only one that thinks of me." But I knew that another brother and his family were helping too. I remember being able to talk to his higher self and knew his habits to explain to caretakers and family when he meant. I made sure no matter my personal feelings to service in truth of his wishes. I would talk to his higher self, mental self and lower self and his heart and mind at different times. I comforted his caretaker which was my brother's wife. I comforted my parents and brothers. I knew he was contemplating leaving as he stopped eating and told my brothers to go home to their family and just leave him. I then heard him talk to me a few times that if he should go I saw he was bedridden and asked if his quality of life is where he'd like it to be and that only he could decide what was best. He worried about a relative adopted daughter alot and told him that she was an adult and he had to decide what was best that he would know what's best for him and his soul contract. The day he was passing in the hospital he should me a scene on the beach dressed up and ballroom dancing with my Grandma in the Phillippines. It was beautiful under the moonlight. He told me that he was going and I said it was what you wanted? He said, "Yes. I told him I loved him and see you next time." Then I got a call from my sister-in-law he passed. She was to arrange the funeral at Mom's church. No one was going to do the eulogy my sister-in-law told me. I then was instructed to do it as Spirit and Grandpa would guide me. I then went up front and out jumped my Grandpa in Navy whites and jet black hair and said, "Tell my story as there's no one here that knows me and my life." I then started and was directed to speak to members of the family of his heartfelt messages. Some laughed, other gained peace and some cried. Some assumed things that weren't true and others got clarification. It was an honor.

There are other incidences that the deceased that came to our art center contacted me to convey things to loved ones and I let them know. I even did specialized ceremonies to heal them and family and friends. It continues to be an honor to serve. Thank you and more to come.


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