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Mediumship Journeys

Dear Beloveds;

As you know you are a Being of Light come to Earth to expand and learn for our Soul purpose. It is a journey short for others and long for some. Sometimes, we are a lesson to trigger the movement. Sometimes the movement is not so peaceful and it is painful but there is a need for closure. A Medium is a person who can hear or see or feel Spirits and their job is convey communication in truth to the bereaved. Not to take advantage of my work is pretty simple in what Spirit assigns me.

My sister died when I was 3/4 and left a mark in my memory and a pain in my parents heart til this day. They cannot say her name because she died overseas and it was a cover up. From the trauma and lack of understanding of death; I was not realizing that death was not an entry into the Heavenly Kingdom of Happy Reunions as I type in comfort to those. Her Spirit was pure white light and it ascended...the joy I felt was then regret by the pain of my mother and father's grief. The doctor in charge that said she was to journey was unfit and the hospital had many cases and was closed down after my father's plea to take his baby home to bury alongside his family. He was an outdoorsman who could survive the wilderness, kayaker and fisherman and hunter and impressed a local Senator when he was a young adult in Boy Scouts with his skills with bow and arrow and camping and tracking. He mailed a letter to my Dad about needing any help from him and not hesitate to call.

He kept that letter in Viet Nam in his wallet. He wanted to take her home to the USA. He called the Senator and he had a special plane with our family aboard and the baby sister I knew to fly home once on USA soil to travel by plane as he almost tore the first plane ride as she struggled for air and then died. He had so many stories to cover this pain up from me. I pieced together this and found the truth a few years ago to confirm. He didn't know at 3 or 4 that I could retain the details of his seek up and down the mid air plane aisles to find a doctor or nurse but none was found.

At times, I would see Spirits from many time periods and languages and cultures and my parents never spoke of this and how to cope. I just would run away as they all came at once if I was to take a nap as a child. They came closer and closer and speaking many languages with many period type costumes. I then told them to talk louder and they all talked louder at once. I was 5 and told them that I got no time for you because you all are speaking all at the same time and I don't understand you. Left the room and would run past everyday.

At time, Spirit placed me with people dying or terminal and I was to greet them with a smile and assure them or have a laugh or just listen to them and their concerns or worries or serve them food/drink with my mother's visiting from the Church. At one point, a Japanese woman and her son attended the church. She was gone for awhile treated for cancer. My mother told me to greet her and I was 8 and I refused. She told me that I needed to greet her and have some manners and that the woman was okay now. I told my mother she was not okay and would die next week. I was punished and then that week of the burial; my mother told me she was going to the funeral of this woman and would I come along. I said to my mother: "Her soul is not there and besides you didn't believe me and to go ahead." My mother's mouth opened then shut quickly and left for the funeral.

At the same time my Dad left the military and was awarded the Purple Heart and he relocated from Wa. state to Las Vegas, NV as he was a construction worker and builder. We were to travel by bus to this place and it was a couple of trailer parks at this time period not alot of casinos. We had a double wide trailer like a house. On the bus ride (Greyhound); there was a young boy not dressed for winter with tee shirt and hat and shorts at the railroad tracks. He waved and the bus driver said he is always at the railroad tracks every day at the same time. He waved at the bus driver as he lived a few miles down the road. My mother fell asleep and my brothers too all the time something happened. He sat beside my seat and started talking to me...something felt weird as I noticed his manner of dress. He got a piece of gum out to give me and I refused. He was trying to talk me off the bus to stay with his parents on his farm and adopted by his family. He said, "It's okay and come with me when my stop comes along." I said "I cannot." Then he kept insisting that his parents needed the help and would take care of me. My mother woke and said "No!" Then he said, My stop is here and nice talking to you!" The bus driver let him off and the boy vanished. Not all spirits have good intentions no matter how they look. The bus driver was oblivious to what he said he wears the same thing every day and is there the same time and gets off the same place.

Other houses we lived in were inhabited and had to clear them. It was something I didn't know the terminology of but I did not like someone hanging around that needed to pass on. Then when I was pregnant with my daughter. A man who died as a Mexican laborer would walk across my back yard through my garage and out to the front yard through the wall. I asked my Reiki Master from Canada and he was also a Shaman what to do as I didn't need him around my baby or son. He said "Talk to him and ask him what he wants to say?" That was so novel to me and I did and he spoke Spanish and was trained very quickly on the 3 dimension of how to help souls get to heaven. I then got his trust as he disbelieved he was dead as he fell backwards off a high space in the yard. I then watched my fav movie which "Sixth Sense" to find out the Spanish word for dead and then I made a deal that if he saw a place I took him and he liked it that he would stay. I crossed my earthly and spiritual fingers he would. I then asked my power animal to take me and him to the Heavens. They opened up with so much Light and his wife and children that passed 40 years ago reached for him. He cried and thanked me called me in Spanish his 'Little Angel' and stayed. Whew! Thank you God.

Now my Baby girl could arrive ghost free until the teen that passed in this house we moved to starting showing his form and dress in the 70s and overdose. Then I knew by lights flickering that he was there. He wouldn't speak to me as hesitate spirit. I then saw him place his body on my son's bed when he wanted to go to sleep and my son ran to me. I told the young man to never come in this form to my children or husband or mother-in-law or we would have a talk and besides I was comforting my son only 5 that he sleep with us for safety and assured him things would be okay. He wanted to hang out til ready and had to make rules like his Mom. He said 'You're a cool Mom." Finally, we had to move and told him he had had many opportunities to go to Heaven to the Light where healing and love was. He finally did after I loaded the last box in my van. To and from he watched for sure and left. As I was concerned that the right move was made for the kids new school; I asked for confirmation. I had to take small boxes in my van from our old house to the new one. Each time I saw hawks fly over my head on the way to the new house. Sometimes, 1 - 3. Sometimes, a hawk would hover over me when I arrived in the driveway of the new house to signal me that is was Divine Timing. I made many trips back and forth and each time hawks would signal the way and comfort me.

There are so many instances even with passed relatives or other houseowners to assure and clean the home but this is just some of a few. I make it a rule my body, my mind, my soul and my astral body and protective white light as it is mine and no one else's to inhabit or to stay if a need to convey how they died, what they felt like to be compassionate but not to hold it to harm me. This a work of a medium that you don't choose to be one. You are chosen and hopefully you honor your role. Much love and hope you understand more of my work.


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