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Meeting an Advanced Light 2/2023

I had just finished my chest cold from the drastic change in the climate from humid Georgia and living in Arizona where I needed the moisture during this dry cold winter here. The weather was a little up and down. I think Mother Nature is not happy right now and needs our healing vibrations, actions and love to heal her by healing self and each other….

It was a wonderful inspirational day. I had a lovely weekend going to the Tucson Gem Show (one of many). I bought a wand and saw many Nepal folks with their clothing, trinkets and sound instruments. It was lovely to be with my family after being sick for a while. We enjoyed our weekend of near 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a contrast to the days before. I was to follow up on a few folks I call my Nordic Angel introduced to me here in Tucson that she had known for many years. I was well enough to set up times to meet these wonderful healers and made contact with them to set up meeting them..

It was a sunny day, almost 60 degrees. I contacted an Advanced Soul Sound Healer and Producer. He told me today or tomorrow was good or Friday. I knew today I must go…holding off too long to meet folks. He gave me his address to his studio and instructions. I used the ‘Waze App’ that took me there so quickly. It was an easy ride. The Ancients, Ancestors, Galactic Ones and Pure Lights arrived as the wind blew around when I arrived. They greeted me to assure me a welcome to this sacred space. I am usually leery of strangers but my friend assured me that it was all good. I asked to bring any instruments and he told me that just to talk was fine.

We talked about many outstanding Atlantean methods. I told him that he sounded like he did for his healing work and experiences with technology and water, sound, etc. We laughed how we were different but the same. He was amazing to listen to his story and knowledge and his experiences. Wonderful to hear other people's stories.

We talked about a few things: how people are like a combination or sequence code to be in their world to understand with compassion how to treat them where they are not where we are. “We all will get there.” I said and we laughed at the concept of ‘there.’

It was as if he was listening to Source and then he showed me his work and music/sounds. So beautiful, especially the didgeridoo. I hoped to learn circular breathing. You see, I don't like to pretend I know something if I don’t. It’s better to be honest and go from there and not worry about judgment. He showed me his systems as well and we talked about me doing my podcast.

He had bought this system and was still learning this new system. So wild as I didn’t know anything about what he was doing, only reference was my son was a producer for music and had similar nature type ones when he was much younger before EDM, Trance, Chill, etc or his screamer hip hop rap talent that followed.

I loved his music and asked if he could help me with my podcast and he agreed and I was blessed to hear this. We kept talking around these huge amethyst geodes taller than him and mind you I am not as tall as him…Ha! Ha! He had so many beautiful and unusual instruments and his recent Tibetan bowls were so amazing. He had large white crystal quartz as well and other crystals. He joked that you can tell I like crystals. I did too as they greeted me happily.

He then said that he had something for me. I was awaiting the gift. I knew he was to give me something. We talked of warriors of peace or war and he pulled out this Native American Chestplate. He had spent time with Native’s on Reservations and felt compelled to give this to me asking my heritage or lineage and I am Osage Blackfoot Cherokee and Filipino American I told him. It was Eagle Feathers (foresight/insight) and turtle shell (Mother Earth), horse hair (stamina and sensuality), and wood type porcupine slats and leather strings with one to tie around my neck. I asked how to wear this as I put it on…I felt the power and the ancestral energies of the maker. I asked if he was sure he wanted to give me this and think about it. He was sure. The Chestplate was used in battle before there were guns used in battle. Now they are ceremonial to wear. I shall wear this with honor. I am grateful and touched. This was a blessing of the day.

We are now onwards messengers and both Brother and Sister of Light now. Thank you for reading this. I continue to pray for my path to keep clear and follow the light in trust. May you do the same for you. Aho. Namaste.


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