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Meeting an Advanced Light 2/2023

I had just finished my chest cold from the drastic change in the climate from humid Georgia and living in Arizona where I needed the moisture during this dry cold winter here. The weather was a little up and down. I think Mother Nature is not happy right now and needs our healing vibrations, actions and love to heal her by healing self and each other….

It was a wonderful inspirational day. I had a lovely weekend going to the Tucson Gem Show (one of many). I bought a wand and saw many Nepal folks with their clothing, trinkets and sound instruments. It was lovely to be with my family after being sick for a while. We enjoyed our weekend of near 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a contrast to the days before. I was to follow up on a few folks I call my Nordic Angel introduced to me here in Tucson that she had known for many years. I was well enough to set up times to meet these wonderful healers and made contact with them to set up meeting them..

It was a sunny day, almost 60 degrees. I contacted an Advanced Soul Sound Healer and Producer. He told me today or tomorrow was good or Friday. I knew today I must go…holding off too long to meet folks. He gave me his address to his studio and instructions. I used the ‘Waze App’ that took me there so quickly. It was an easy ride. The Ancients, Ancestors, Galactic Ones and Pure Lights arrived as the wind blew around when I arrived. They greeted me to assure me a welcome to this sacred space. I am usually leery of strangers but my friend assured me that it was all good. I asked to bring any instruments and he told me that just to talk was fine.