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Meeting Dr. Wayne Dyer Sept 2004 Via AA Michael

Dear Beloveds;

This was the time I was going into my funk. Letting my mind virus tell me my gifts were not useful or understood. It was also a time when my Beloved wanted to purchase a property and designed it for live work townhouses. He was wondering if this property was worth it to pursue.

Synchronicity was the situation at that moment for both of us with a question to continue our path and whether it was the right decision. At the time of this period, I took nature walks at our local park to clear my head and ask for signs from above. It was the time I was studying Shamanism and going through some doubt or shift. My spirit name translated to ButterflyChild at the time. The monarch butterflies were my signals of spiritual growth or lessons to come.

While walking and asking for a sign in my emotional state; the butterflies were flying and hitting my face! I thought: "What in the world has gotten into these butterflies." I didn't notice the sign with my emotional funk and went home thinking the worst of it.

At night, we were watching Dr. Wayne Dyer and most of my prayers was to help my husband see the most spiritual part of life and meet someone who resonated with him after his turmoil of 5 years battling for property rights. He was so at peace and really enjoyed Dr. Dyer. This was the first time in a long time I saw he loved what he was hearing. He was a debater and person to question things and not trust so easily and this man really got his attention. That was a rare miracle and joy to see.

After a few days; I was searching for Dr. Wayne Dyer as an angel instructed me Archangel Michael (AA Michael) to look on the computer for information on Dr. Dyer's events. Lo and behold, Dr. Dyer was coming to Atlanta at Unity North Church! The Angel said, "He would love tickets to this event and buy these now." I rushed and bought these after checking our calendars and purchased them.

In the meantime, my husband wanted to show me the property as I get energetic feelings if the land wants a change of things or a person to be accepted in this change to 'purchase' it. I felt a good feeling and still I was back in my funk at the same time asking for a sign. At the entrance of this huge home; my husband saw at the door a huge butterfly. He said to me: "Look at this huge butterfly." I saw it but dumb dumb didn't take notice of this sign again in the funk state of mind. However, I knew it was a go to purchase the property and told my Beloved.

After a few weeks; Archangel Micheal (AA Michael) told me when you go to take a camera. I wasn't much of a camera person but I took a disposable one as I did reflexology demos at Whole Foods and Emory to lecture and show the benefits. I put the camera in my purse. Archangel Micheal said, "You'll get your sign and you will give Dr. Dyer a message he needs to hear."

During the lecture, Dr. Dyer talked of a good friend who was a monk and loved Monarch butterflies. He went to chapter 18 which is an angelic number 9 which is a thumbs up for me and he went onto read the miracle of life in the butterflies who had a pin size brain but returned instinctively at the same time to the same birth place. I laughed in amusement & people around me must've thought I was a bit crazy understanding the sign and the blessings. But that was not the end of the signal of my healing work as a value to the Universe.

He had another guest book writer: Amaculi who was involved and saved in the Rwandan Tutsi and Hutu genocide and survived in a wall with prayer with a few others and wrote a book of her assassination of the family and she the only one left ending up working by divine guidance at the United Nations. What a miracle and spiritual intervention and story of faith and blessings.

It was a beautiful event where his daughter, Skye sang and had cds for sale. He was so appreciative of his daughter's performance and work and being there with him at his event. The intermission was at hand afterwards and my husband bought so many books of his. Then Dr. Dyer finished his lecture and people lined up for him to sign his books. My camera in bag as I remembered.

Archangel Michael literally rolling his eyes over my funk and said in quote-like signals with his fingers: "You are going to get your sign and remember to tell Dr. Dyer this." I nodded spiritually and let my husband go before me but instead my husband kept shoving me forward ahead of him. I told him to stop and go ahead but he just said, "You go ahead of me." His shyness was cute at this spiritual awakening. He then shoved me almost into Dr. Dyer. The Angel said, "Watch how he hugs people and his hands and you will see how your work is valued to the Universe." I saw him with his hands opened to hug each person. It was my turn and he opened his arms so wide to each side. I smiled and he said to me: "Come here beautiful." I hugged him and gave him this message as instructed: "Dr. Dyer, I know you've been traveling and weary and the work you do is so beautiful and appreciated and so is your family." He then put his fingers to his chin staring at me as you've seen him do and stopped. Then he took me in his arms and hugged me again. I said, "My husband is a fan of yours and loves your work." He smiled and told my husband and I to come to him and gave us both hugs. He asked, "Where are you from?" We told him our cultural background and he was so interested in the Philippines and Tanzania. We kept chatting and laughing and I felt other people waiting for their book signing. I reminded Dr. Dyer that other people are waiting for him to sign their books too. He nodded and smiled and hugged me again.

We left with so much blessings of confirmation and inspiration and my husband said, "Dr. Dyer hugged you so many times. I said, "Yes, I know." What a blessing of a day we had talking to Dr. Dyer for 20 minutes and that was the last time we saw him physically. People come and go and the messages and confirmation filter through us for us to stay on our path, stay strong, stay true and do the work we are designed to do. I share this story with you to inspire you in your mind virus funk and push through. Much love.


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