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Meeting the God Thor 2018

I was asked to learn about Thor. I was to honor this protector and warrior. At time when large men enter a space; he comes into the room one knee bowed or stands and announces his presence to me. I had a journey to honor the Gods/Goddesses or Divinity of many in the Kingdom and accessed the Mt. Olympus. I always greet Zeus as I am called his Dove and his wife Juno/Hera..

There I was transported in my sacred body to this forest and there was a large picnic table and a cauldron. I was asked to find herbs and things to decorate the table.

I found some thistle and some herbs for the stew to make for their honor. Instead I was asked to put in my intentions in this pot. I placed energetically the love, peace, and heart energy in this stew and truth and no fear.

There was Brigid in Red as the Triple Goddesses as the symbol of Inspiration. I set the table with forest flowers and bundled them and put the utensils, napkins and plates, etc.

I stirred the pot as Brigid instructed and there I appeared in my long hair in dark emerald green velvet long gown We were to form a four corner to mark the area around the cauldron. She asked that I go to the cauldron. I stood there....out of this cauldron came a handsome male God..Thor. He shouted loudly: "Who has called upon me? Who is disturbing me?" I bowed and made a huge sword and on the hilt made decoration of emeradls and stones and then the holder. for the sword. I presented this to Thor. He looked at it. He looked at the design of the hilt and was pleased. He then held it and moved it around to feel the weight and energy. He would be working with me from time to time teaching the illusions of the life in the Hall of Mirrors...He took his hammer and when he arrives to work with me...he slams the hammer down.

I ask him thank you and please be gentle and not so loud as I know he is near and honored by his teachings. I cannot ever thank All for this honor. I have visited a few more times and other Goddesses and Gods attend that I do and do not know from other parts of the world. I am honored and after each journey with a Divinity; I gift something on my Mesa for them. I cannot ever thank them enough of the different forms of divinity.

At other times, Uzume the Goddess of laughter attends to entertain them on other journeys. I have a book of journeys of many different encounters.


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