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Meeting the Goddess of Surrender - Yemaya 1/2/2004

Hello Beloveds;

Some of my journeys entail meeting a Goddess that will present what she represents as the Universal Lesson or Lesson of the Time. As my North Shamanic Teacher assigned me to get familiar with the Feminine Divine to be comfortable being a woman in this life time.

To celebrate the New Year (2004); Chrysalis (My Sister Tree assigned to teach me and I learn from her.) called out to me and asked that I encircle her with my arms like 'Stretch Armstrong' (a toy in the old days) and travel all the way up her trunk to her splintered top (She was hit by lightening that struck and removed the rest of the treetop long ago). As I moved up; I was forming into a red tail hawk. As a red tail hawk; I perched there to get acclimated. Flew into the sky into an opening that became white and gold light. I went through and came into a beautiful meadow full of colorful flowers, Goddess of Responsibility - Maebe came to me riding on her white stallion armed with her sword. She told me to face this huge dragon (which was one of my Power Animal- Guardian). It had flames of fire and moved like a long snake until it decided to sit on its hunches. It was guarding a cave. She urged me (Maebe) to go into the cave and I proceeded.

The Lesson:

Inside the cave; I saw immediately the Goddess Yemaya (Goddess of Surrender) for your release and rebirth. I was encircled like an egg with blue light and inside of this egg now. She said, "Let me have everything you wish to release. I became enmeshed in her womb although she was clothed; I seemed to materialize into her still inside the egg-shaped light. I became a like the size of a small baby. Then Yemaya took the egg-shaped womb & pulled me out materializing through her clothing the womb area and tore open the casing of the egg and said, "I can do this drastically because you can take it." Then I turned to leave the cave and the dragon was sitting upright and standing back as Maebe led me to the meadow.

When I arrived in the meadow; I transformed and went back to Chrysalis and plopped down into my physical body while I slid down Chrysalis like a fireman's pole and I was sitting next to Chrysalis on the ground. I had a sad feeling from her as if this were the last time we would journey together. She assure me that we are all energy and that she would be in Spirit where ever I would go.

This is the lesson of the time; Sometimes, we must hibernate and pull ourselves away from energies and crowds to do some self love and release and let go of the old self when we feel the stagnancy and frustration. It is the point where you are so ready for the new you as your journey forward in life. This will happen a few times. Don't get too used to being still all the time to grow. You must surrender some aspects of yourself you have outgrown to make room for the new you in all your truth. Surrender and Namaste.


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