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Meeting Your Goals - A Self Check reblog

The meditation yesterday focused on self check of keeping to the new 2015 goals for yourself this year.

We visited a forest realm...a magickal and beautiful forest where the forest path to a clearing of trees was found by our sacred body. We were to remember the goal/s of 2015 for ourselves and the commitment to these. We were to symbolically build a fire in that matched the passionate fire in our hearts. As we gathered branches, twigs, leaves, make this fire...we remembered what we promised for our best self this year...The mound before us...we did not doubt we could make the the realm anything was possible. We sat in front of the mound and our heart's fire ignited the fire on the mound...It grew into a white fire...

Then, we entered this fire to recall where we started our passion/commitment. We were powerful and good enough and not a label. We also remembered where we stopped, fell or were discouraged...we saw falling as a step toward re-strategizing what we intended to achieve and understanding another way to achieve it in planning and dedication in faith. We entered the fire without harm and were the fire of we saw the possibility to continue;

We became our own truth, service of self, loyalty to self and the flame became blue in our own truth. Breath this dedication and truth as you are certain you will do this for yourself.

As you were certain, you became passion and the fire turned red the color of your passion and the flame was filled with so much self love...inner love.

You are a warrior and you will achieve the best of self this year. Keep to the goal/s and dedication...your mind and spirit together as your soul knows what you are intended to be....Peace & Namaste.


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