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Memories of 9/11 and Shamanic Healing Intentions 2002

Remember this day as it was so surreal. My home was near Northlake Mall off of Cravey Drive so long ago. It was my initiation inI to more lessons in Shamanism and my gifts. It was a day I decided to go to the Bally's gym when it existed in Northlake by PetsSmart stores.

I went into get on the elliptical machine; and saw a new-story and some NY Towers they were talking about. I was getting on and moving and then a plane hit one Tower. I thought this was a movie but this was real. It caused some flames to erupt but it seemed more flame or combustion added to the impact than the plane did. At that moment; I started to pray but was in shock in disbelief. But good and bad things do happen and we must strive to listen to Spirit before taking the action asking if this is harmful to earth, human, plant and animal in the long term. I was calling my husband to tell him as I carried my cell but didn't use it much and let him know.

He was on the road to carpet clean for high end clientele of Atlanta. He saw it upon entering the house of a client. They finished the work but it was shock and uncertainty coming up in his mind of the future. It turned out that they were middle eastern looking men who piloted not one but the two planes that crashed into the towers. Inferno was occurring and people were trying to find their way out. It was a catastrophe unwished to anyone.

After the news uncovered or revealed that they were middle eastern trained in the U.S.A.; our clients began not to call us for carpet and furniture cleanings. If we showed up; they would scowl or question my husband's belief system and origin he came from. He would try to use humor but he felt the angst towards his skin now. It was the South reclaiming another victory with racism only not all the clients were Southern. The media covered the ashes of people in the streets of NY running and falling and others helping. The most heart wrenching was the handicapped that worked in the building unable to get out. One man was in a wheelchair before the fire took out the phones as people were calling to say 'goodbye' to their loved ones. The man in the wheel chair had a co-worker who wouldn't leave him. They died together and some people were jumping out of windows in the really high floors. Rescue workers died trying to save lives and the air quality and debris where the downfall of our heroes and people not taken by the debris with health and breathing issues later on.

The creator of this explosion or attack was not human but used humans to hurt other humans. The power of progress of invention was abused and annihilated many innocent people and the Towers were taken down. A famous person predicted towers of the eagle coming down many years in advance we still look at but most importantly how did this happen and why with painful hearts. The explanation is accepted but other who have lost; still question and it is left open for healing discussions not to bring up the pain again but to understand that everyone has a way to their own closure and healing and time doesn't dictate.

It was my Reiki Master Bernie from Canada that came down. I was Reiki Level I and he was doing a class of Shamanism and working with the healing of 911 souls. We were to take our most powerful power animal (doesn't matter size or kind) and wait for soul/s to take us to the domain of healing. One woman who kept to herself & said she was transported to the Towers down and the empty site on the land and she had little wheelbarrows pulled by unicorns with rainbows lighted to the spots they expired to heal them. What a gentle way of welcoming and signaling a place to take you to the Chambers of Heavenly Healing back to the Light Creator. I was so amused at the whimsy she placed in such tragedy and a childlike calling of healing she placed.

My healing was a woman dressed in office garb, skirt houndstooth and high waist with slim tall build and shoulder length red hair with white chiffon long-sleeve romantic top. She was saying she died but she wanted to find her boyfriend. That is why she didn't leave. Then she said, "He doesn't believe he is dead and I don't want to go until he comes with me." I then said with my mind: "I will do my best to speak to him so you both can go to the light of Healing in the Heavenly Chambers where there is healing, love and happy reunions of the eternal in peace. So we went to him outside somewhere on the street sitting on his motorcycle. He was had olive skin and dark layered hair above his shoulders and had a rugged looking face of a rebel. He wore a leather jacket and he was telling me: "I am not dead." I introduced myself and his girlfriend told me to talk to him. He then said, "I couldn't leave because there was work to do and he visits his home and was holding a antique watch on a chain he didn't want to leave behind. He said, "I talk to people and go places but they cannot hear me." He was puzzled. I told him: "You have passed from the catastrophe. When is the last time you slept? When is the last time (taught at this session) you ate? When is the last time you went to the bathroom?" He began to understand and said, "I have work to do." I said, "There is no work to do for you and it is time you go with your Beloved into the Light where Love is and healing." He agreed and she came and sat behind him on his motorcycle and they rode into the Light together." There were many other healings of personal people in other's lives that day. We learned and served well.

Another soul of a small child in a hospital was there about 5 years old blonde, cute little boy and he was wandering. I introduced myself & asked: "Who are you and what are you doing?" He said, "I am looking for my Mommy." He said, "I have looking for her everywhere in this place but cannot find her." I told him that he had passed onto the Light and was no longer in his body. I asked him the same questions: "How long has it been since you ate? How long has it been since you slept? How long has it been since you went to the bathroom?" He then realized it had been awhile. I asked him: "Do you talk to people who go right past you or don't answer you?" He nodded. I said to him: "What if I took you to a place of healing, peace and happiness?" He nodded in agreement. I asked which power animal would he like to ride on but as they appeared; he was scared. I told him they are not here to hurt you but to take you with me to the Heavens. He didn't want one for fear (still thinking in earthly consequence and time) that that one was too ferocious and then he saw my Dragon. He liked that. However, my Dragon picked him up with his hind claws by the shirt shoulders and he was scared. I said to the Dragon: "Please be gentle and let him ride on you as his legs pumping in mid air & dangling with fear. I comforted this cute blonde little boy and the Dragon put him down. The Dragon laid down on his reptilian powerful limbs in gentle pose and allowed him and myself to ride. He loved the colors that Dragon changed to on the way Home (from white, red and yellow - remember the blog about healing with fire) as it was a sign to me that he was healing even on the way Home. He liked how the Dragon glided instead of flew wildly and aimlessly and was secure and safe. As he entered; the Heaven's; the clouds parted and Light was seen and he began to see people he knew and got off. He was safe and he thanked me. He was the cutest blonde boy I ever saw. I told him: "You're welcome."

As I am writing this; I heard the ravens calling and yesterday again. It is magical to express the need to understand unlimited possibilities of Light. I wanted to share a little bit with you if you are a medium and gifted with this gift to help other souls realize their closures with Spirit agreeing with this assistance; please do. No forcing and making people realize your gifts but when opportunities arise; Spirit will place them there for you to understand the link is never broken from life and death because our fleshly temple is temporary and we are an eternal light soul filled with wisdom of other lifetimes as we are our own record-

keepers of of the formulation of your soul expansion and journey on Earth. Sometimes, I do get Spirit telling me not to service but there's physical or mental work first to address or someone else. This is not ego-centered work. Remember we are from the Gentle Powerful Light from above and never separated. May you be blessed with understanding and no fear. With certainty and no doubt or superstitions from Ancestors as the superstitions moment in time has moved up with light and there is no harm but only a story to take the good from the bad and us the divinity lessons from it.

I hope you are at peace and pray for constant peace as I do of healing souls on Earth to be escorted to the Healing Chambers of the Heavenly Home. Welcome to the Light and the Lessons pushing past the pain of separation of the physical bond when someone dies or or beloved pet dies. It is only temporary and we are temporary expressions of the God/Goddesses to evolve together at our own pace and being-ness (of Divinity). Much prayers of peace and love with healing. It has been an honor to share.


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