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Merging with Water - Honor Emotions and Flow 2005

Dear Ones;

Often during the Fall periods; my husband and I would go to the Mountains near the waterfalls to hike and be one with nature. I wanted to get to know what water was like. I came upon a body of water near the Anna Ruby Falls. I asked the water with my mind if I could learn how water was like the 5 senses in which I strive to understand its phases and forms. It granted me permission.

I was transformed as my sacred body dived into the water in a dimensional way and my body melted into the water and merged. I felt the cool water and then I felt the bottom was slimy with greenish moss and sticky and sludgy as I was closer to it. It was Fall so the water was flowing by had residues of pollen and saw fish inside the water. I could feel the pressure but was not unpleasant to my ears because I was It was more like being in a hollow tunnel the sounds and the sunlight was more filtered. The water was clear but near the bottom was boggy and not so clear the deeper you went.

Then the water had me sit to experience the phases of water in the Winter. It was more frozen and the water was covered with a layer of solidified and cold water. Hard at the top and underneath the light from the sun was not