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Merging with Water - Honor Emotions and Flow 2005

Dear Ones;

Often during the Fall periods; my husband and I would go to the Mountains near the waterfalls to hike and be one with nature. I wanted to get to know what water was like. I came upon a body of water near the Anna Ruby Falls. I asked the water with my mind if I could learn how water was like the 5 senses in which I strive to understand its phases and forms. It granted me permission.

I was transformed as my sacred body dived into the water in a dimensional way and my body melted into the water and merged. I felt the cool water and then I felt the bottom was slimy with greenish moss and sticky and sludgy as I was closer to it. It was Fall so the water was flowing by had residues of pollen and saw fish inside the water. I could feel the pressure but was not unpleasant to my ears because I was It was more like being in a hollow tunnel the sounds and the sunlight was more filtered. The water was clear but near the bottom was boggy and not so clear the deeper you went.

Then the water had me sit to experience the phases of water in the Winter. It was more frozen and the water was covered with a layer of solidified and cold water. Hard at the top and underneath the light from the sun was not present as much and very dull and dark. The water felt cold and the noise was even muffled by the top layer of ice. The flow was not as much as the speed it went from Fall. The taste was not so pure but stagnant as the water was slowed down like the animals in nature are during this time to reflect, manifest and be in stillness.

Then the season of Spring was upon us and the water became more fluid and some burst or springs formed as the top layers of ice melted. You could feel the flow and the stagnant smell and taste became fragrant flow of earth and renewal. Life was around us with the trees blooming and other plants to be viewed. The water seemed to be a bit warmer than Fall and most certainly Winter. Nature's voice was in the scenery and in the sound of the frogs and buzzing wings of the dragonfly. Butterfly began to break through their cocoons and there was a symphony of birds as squirrels and the bear surfaced. Birth was in the water as the fish and frogs and all life and salamanders began their journeys to the Light of the Sun. Lizards danced and certain dance nodding the Sun's activation and warmth to their bodies. The creative instincts were present and dwelled within all of us procreating and bonding as nature always inspires us. What a beautiful time of year of promise.

Then the season of Summer is the water bursting with energy and movements at waterfalls gained much strength and rapid movement feeling the pull inside the cascading water as it flow cleansed & refreshed and nurtured all those that came to drink or swim in it. It tasted like minerals and some salt and some areas had more moss. The fish multiplied and enjoy being a community. The buffer zone removed from Winter and melted Spring were no more. Everyone's voice was heard from bees, to birds to squirrels, hawks, ravens and other animals. The Sun was able to highlight the specks of the minerals that children loved to look at the natures gems and collect if asked of Mother Earth or simply to be just admired. Colors everywhere were seen and more vibrant and the sounds were sharper to water's ears. The season of fullness and richness of the life birthed from Spring was a sacred cycle we honored with spending time with the water and being active.

Water is the symbol of flow or stagnancy and you choose it and the speed to flow is another choice. There is no wrong when you unite and understand water. Water is the emotions. Water can be an emotional cleansing or outlet. That is why we cry to release through the water what we wish to heal from. Water is a friend to those who respect it and understand the flow. When a person is emotional; they are water element. When they are constantly emotional; they are out of balance and need a firm hold with tree energy or eating protein to ground and strengthen you. The best way to address emotions is to feel them, honor them and the flow and then breath and do flowing yoga or slow flowing dance movements so your feet are grounded before you start. The more you move with flow the energy of imbalances are released and replaced with balance. Go inward seeking balance and flow instead of needing outward approval or constant attention. These will only disappoint you and if you keep the unhealthy loop your in up...You may mentally need a therapist. There's no shame in a therapist to maintain a flow and lack of stagnancy to feel your Divinity and purpose again.

We had done a workshop on clearing water and a group gathered and measured the pH of the water in our own cups with pH paper before. Then we focused on healing love to the water for a few minutes and then the pH was changed into more balance. With focus, love and community effort; we can heal the water that so cleanses, nurtures and comforts us.

Wishing you much flow and understanding of water's forms/shapes and how to overcome the stagnancy (Winter) in our lives and birth new like the (Spring) with the exercises mentioned if you so choose to do so. Much lovely flowing light energy caress you like gentle veils of warm light. Namaste.


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