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Moon Meditation of Revisitation of Blessings 9/9/2017

The Sentinel calls out lately...Raven. Moon Medicine and Meditations as I travel to Grandmother and seek her advise and healing. The moondust embraces all that travel with my sacred body and the advise valuable and noted.

I shapeshifted to visit another realm with Zeus and Hera and they welcomed me back to the God/dess Kingdom I have not visited for a minute...LOL.

He was talking about LOVE and Hera as well agreed with the advise. This is my personal journey of Self Discovery again in relationships to all around me.

The Goddesses of Moon Medicine appeared and I was bathed in this...I left in gratitude gifting each with loving Moon Dust flowers and would visit again.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be able to be gifted this and share. If you are offended and question the possibilities of the universe of the multi mixing of different spiritual systems...this I know is possible from my book of journeys I will share of revisiting the sacred self and Universal lessons of the time.

My Power Animals are quick and direct to make sure I convey what is helpful. I cannot change other's minds as in many meditations or crystal bowls gatherings what I shared was questioned.

Question yourself on non competition and be open to your own sacred journey...there is no small ones no less ones...there are the divine timing ones. Hugs.


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