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Moon Ritual Bath by Blue Thunder

Dear Ones;

The Moon is powerful and the phases help us heal. Whether you study astrology in different spiritualities, even can celebrate these times of releases and manifestations. When in retrograde; you can use it as your stillness exercise and breathwork in the bath.

You can burn candles of white or enhance the intention of the bath for you or the Universe.

The colors can reflect a meaning of release, death of old thought patterns and coping skills that do not serve your divinity, peace or manifestations of birthing or renewal.

I recommend using amethyst crystal and white crystal quartz to set the clearing and healing and adding moon stone or moon loving crystals with the color of your aura to enhance and clear it or the color of a chakra that may be afflicted in your body and sometimes I feel the Universal lesson is happening with me and outside of me for healing.

It is a sacred time to play beautiful calming music, burn candles and put dried flowers, newly dried or fresh petals (the flowers can interpret your birth month or love from self or others who gifted these to you) and essential oils for whatever ails you mentally (use Bach Flower remedies), physically (lungs Olbas bath) or spiritually. Just remember to create gratitude to the 4 elements (Fire-Heat, Wind-Air (aroma), Water-Emotions/fluidity and Earth-(flowers and essential oils of healing) that create this healing rebirth. You can say it with your heart and simple words to recognize each element and crystal and the intention set and lay back and enjoy the stillness and subtle healing of the elements you have immersed yourself in. Whether it is for romance, releases, mental relaxation or physical relaxation. Your intention must come from pure truth and your heart. Enjoy the music and the healing.

You can do this as many times as you feel. Enjoy it and have gratitude of your gift to Sacred and Physical and Mental health and peace. Much loving luxurious and scentual peace to you. Namaste. Thank you for being here.


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