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Moondust Healing Journey11/13/2013

Grateful for family and friends and happy reunions on Heaven and Earth. Today was a day of spiritual journey to the time of Reflection, the Feminine Divine and Healing done with Moon Fire.

I called upon my spiritual helpers today exactly 5:55 (transformational growth numbers from angel reference). My body protected, grounded and filled with Pure light as my astral / Heavenly body traveled to Grandmother Moon.

I closed my earthly eyes to see with the heavenly ones...I conversed with Grandmother. She clothed me in moondust. I glowed and became my White Owl, my eyes turned into dark wide pools and instructed to look inside and there was the familiar Well of Wyrrd (Pagan).

Looking more deeply I transformed into my golden light form and embraced the Underworld/Shadow world to visit my dark side. I had been working and praying to understand my misguided feelings. The River of Styxx where souls moaned and cobwebs and darkness occurred. I had not been there to assist the Skullman who crosses souls over and Lord Ayahuasca who is the herb some Native's use to receive trance-like spiritual healings/messages was there.

I sent my golden /compassion energy to them. The place lighted up. I gifted moon dust and then the moaning stopped....changing into the Phoenix I left the Underworld and into the symbol of Feminine...a cave (like the one Mohamed went to pray and fast for 40 days) and there was a throne...seated on this throne was Lilith, the first wife of Adam who would not bend because she saw each other as equal.

there I was cradled into the Goddess of Personal Power...she was to prepare me to as forgiveness to the person I did not understand received loved and it was our rightful agreement she receive what she did not and was to be a support system to her. I then understood my judgment. The Christlike embrace of golden light embraced me.

My journeys embrace all types of ancient and cultural belief systems for the power of good and my example not to fear the dark and heal myself is my own example of expansion of Light within. I then transformed from the child to the Owl and returned to my Body.

As usual my Love wanted Reiki and the moon dust energy still in me was healing his back. He fell into deep sleep as the Moon moved away in the sky after opening my eyes. It was a blessing. Namaste and Thank God/Goddess for this healing. Peace and gratitude to all in their own spiritual growth bringing Heaven on Earth. Much Love.

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