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More Reiki, Reflexology and Distant Healing & Animal Speak Experiences

Dear Ones;

My blogs are to help understand and inform the modality possibilities. As I had mentioned; I had more to blog about.

Reiki I is one where you learn the 3 symbols imprinted and opened up the portals of Universal receiving of the Pure Energy Life Force that the ReikiMaster initiates you.

Usually is done over a weekend and you practice hand positions on the client on yourself and each other. You are taught the ethics to follow and codes as well.

Anyway, my daughter had trouble sleeping at night (she is a medium) as a little girl and didn't understand that that was what was doing that and she could see other's send their energy out to her in what she thought a scary or disturbing form alive or passed away. It must've been overwhelming to her as a young child. I was there to protect and comfort her. As she grew older; I was there to inform her of her gifts and how to use and use the ethics. I learned to rub her feet at night and she had a cyst on her wrist. I learned the foods she loved that triggered the cyst and changed her diet. I rubbed her feet to relax her and thought to myself that there is something to this. My husband was in the allergy sufferer treatment and cleaning service and he walked into a school that sold the allergy free pillow covers and bedcovers he would suggest to clients and use in our home. He saw a sign that said, "Hand Foot and Ear Reflexology" Classes available. He grabbed the flyer and told me about it.

What a synchronistic answer to my question to learn. I was part of a group of women who first learned this method from the 'Integrated Bill Flocco Method of Hand, Foot and Ear Reflexology.' My teacher, was amazing and he also taught Thai massage classes until the state no longer allowed it to be taught. It is like assisted yoga and you are fully dressed on a massage bed or padded floor mat. Anyway, as I used this method to practice my required hours on my daughter; I saw less and less or the lump on her wrist and she slept well. I used this on my dog the beagle and it relaxed him so much. He used to come to me as I sat and place his paw on my knee and spread his toes and grip my knee to ask. It was very relaxing for him. I would use this on my daughter's friend's dog that was terminal but I couldn't say that that would lean his body sideways beside my leg to ask for the loving touch healing for relief. So it does work with animals if they trust and are comfortable for you.

I then used the method on a dear friend's husband that ended up in dialysis. We used to volunteer on different occasions at the elementary school for our kids. She was to move to Costa Rica ...back home and her husband was Puerto Rican (New Yorikan) as they call them from New York. I worked on him and he was so relaxed. They moved and then found out months later from my friend that he went into diabetic coma and was flown back from Costa Rica to Atlanta and went for dialysis at the VA and lived in their housing arrangement system. I got the address and picked him up and started having him over for family dinners

or time out and he loved hanging with the kids. He was a macho Latino and he was studying me to trust me. I asked him if he would like Reiki as he remembered and then Reflexology. I did the Reiki on his kidney areas and his head areas and used Reflexology to lower his blood pressure and give him a sense of ease and peace and then worked on his feet if time allowed or his hands to work the clear the fogginess, kidneys and balance of his hormones and work on his eye points. It gave him much relief. He then came to me and told me that the doctors and nurses are amazed at my results and my labs are improving and told me whoever or whatever you are doing; please keep it up. He needed an organ transplant but found it was too long to wait on the waitlist here and his wife found out a place in Florida was less waiting and lived in a off housing trailer park. He only needed to walk across the street.

We visited him and after that week; I was praying for him and Ascended Master Jesus came to me and I felt a warm loving energy enfold me. I felt so much love and asked that if he believed in family; that he would give him a chance to be a better person. I heard a voice say to me: "Thy will be done. It will be in 2 months." I thanked Jesus for his message. It was the day exactly the end of the 2nd month. I felt an excitement and energy pulsing like no other. I knew that it was for him and it was his day. However, I didn't want to tell him ahead of time. I then called later and he didn't answer for 3 days. I emailed his wife to hear that he was 2nd on the list of receiving the beeper to get the kidney transplant and by miracle the 1st one in line didn't show and he was up. After a day or two; called him in hospital and he said he did it. I was certain God intervened and his mercy so I ignored that comment. His wife flew down and they both came to Atlanta and stayed a few days and I did facials and reflexology on his wife. He danced with her. Being so macho again. Then his wife went out to get some items done as they were renting the house near us and needed to check on it. Then he came to me and he said, "Donna, I want to tell you something." I knew it. He said, "That week I received the transplant after you guys left; I saw Jesus appear in front of me and walk across the room and then look straight at me and disappeared!" He was tearful and let his guard down. I was happy to hear that sign. I told him, "You have a second chance to be better and be well." He was a womanizer I felt but he responded certain ways of being guided by Spirit to get him motivated to eat better. He hated green vegetables and was amazed by his wife how I got him to eat them. It was a blessing all around.

Then my husband also cleaned carpets of pet accidents and knew a woman who owned a shelter for dogs and she took on a new one who was disrupting the house with the other 2 dogs. He asked me to come along and he talked the woman while he was cleaning the carpets and sanitizing that my wife does Reiki and (he doesn't know I 'talk' to animals) and she can try working on your dog to stop him from being disruptive. She then agreed and I started to touch the dog. Dogs are very sensitive to energy and twitch their ears like crazy when they feel it. I then asked the dog with my mind that I can help you if you trust me. It allowed me to put hands much lighter on her ears. I said please wait so I can understand and help you. It sat still and I saw images as I sent peaceful energy to the dog of the old owner and her message to me "Will the owner keep me and not give me away?" "Will she stop confusing me by spraying water on me to discipline me from jumping on people and then give me a treat with the same action and tell me I am being good. "She also said I fell asleep and my baby was gone!" I didn't know if they got rid of her because of the jumping and the new baby in their home but I did need to make sense of this. I told the dog I will try to help her get along with you and you get along with her. Just give her a chance.

I then went to the owner and she was curious. I said, the old owner was an athletic white man with curly hair and very handsome that dropped her off. She said, "Yes." Then I said that please don't lie to me and tell the truth because I can interpret to the dog your messages. She is asking if you will keep her or give her away like the other owner. The owner said, "No, I am keeping her." Then I said, "she is confused you keep disciplining her for the same thing one time with water spray and another with treat. Please be consistent. She said she fell asleep and then her baby was gone. Do you know what that means?" She said, "I had to abort the puppies before I took her. I tried not to judge but convey the message back to the dog but not the aborting part. The dog agreed to give her a 2nd chance. So as both my husband were loading the cleaning van to leave; the dog followed me happily to say "I'm going with you." She wagged her tail and I coaxed her out of the van and said, "Remember, you said you would give her a chance with an energetic eye wink." She happily got out and walked to her owner and we left. After 2 weeks, the woman/owner called my husband and said, "What did your wife do to my dog?" He said, "Why? Is the dog peeing again or acting up again?" She said, "No, she is so well behaved. I waited 2 weeks to make sure it stuck." Anyway, my husband was amused and told me about their conversation.

It was an amusing.

Many neighbors pets would come to our house and lay by our front door porch or deck and under our cars. Sometimes, they complained we were doing something to them to take their animal away. What I thought was really? Why don't you spend more time with your animal as it is seeking attention or love? However, they were not as friendly as their pets.

Anyway, this a little bit of possible healing potentials and allowances with Spirit. Til next time.


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