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Mother Earth's Message for Earth Dwellers 2024

It is a special day and tribute to Mother Earth. Our Beloved Home Planet for our temporary dwelling. She says the human species is temporarily here but very destructive. She asks you to ponder with clear compassion the decisions to assist Mother Earth for our destructive ways of living, building and thriving on this planet. This opportunity you take is an awakening lesson and a gift of compassion she extends to you. She cares without condition.

She has this message to convey: When you decide to build a playground or park or places to work or live; make sure you are not imposing on the environment or people who dwell there. There are creative solutions with unity. Our builders and architects must study like Floyd Wright how to flow with the environment and be open to creative solutions when we do this.

It is disheartening to have a garden in a school, office building and living areas to ask and investigate  if the land has unresolved issues with the ancestors and taken from them to thrive with our goals of education. Education is needed but educate yourselves to know the history of the land and respect it and be open to flexible decisions or letting go and finding a space that is in harmony with the land and its past usage. When you plant a garden; teach your children or community that the plants you or seedlings you purchase are from a local farmer, not a corporate farmer grown in mass without heart. Buy food from the local farmers who have a heart and work with the land. Learn more by attending foraging, canning food classes and cooking vegetarian foods and the nutrients our local plants provide. Knowing that the local plants and herbs are usually needed for the majority of body and mind imbalances in that area, I was taught by an herbalist. Do not overuse plants, even the plant medicines by this limited thinking that I cannot be strong enough to work through difficulty with a combination of support or doing creative childlike activities in alignment with my heart to heal and not constantly overuse pharma or plant medicines as a constant habit instead of a as needed basis for healing.

To heal the earth of any trauma or bloodshed or taking from the inhabitants by or conquering; we must take tobacco offerings and burn incense or candles or holy waters or oils non poisonous and any natural offerings with the intention of healing that space and peaceful resolve to release any negativity and moving onwards to the loving light and treat the earth in those hotspots with love and compassion with conscious usage when we visit these spots and salute the 4 directions and do some kind of heartfelt healing of the heart to all even if we do not know them with pure light protection and pure light conveyances we all heal and do better onwards.

When we build a playground and reuse the tires into chips and the chemicals go into our water system to be toxic…then we are planting poison and growing our future with possible harm to their mind and body. We must reuse old trees and chips that are fallen or branches that are used instead of the petroleum in tires. Mother Earth says you poison her and her dwellers and yourselves.

She asks that you also be mindful that we need to get rid of reservations and the dogma our brothers and sisters are feeling and need healing. That we invest our resources in the underprivileged to educate them thoroughly and the indigenous or poor be able to understand to wipe out ancestral trauma by providing true and peaceful education they can take back to the tribe and interpret it in their language and work with the community will be very powerful. We must lose the anger and angst we have that is causing unhealed division and assumptions.

We must also do things when we plant trees and plants in an area to be mindful of the natural plants, trees in the animals that are replanted that are healthy and flow with the environment. You don’t want to plant cacti in places that the temperature is not conducive to it. You also want to plant trees that heal that area for overlogging or construction of local homes and buildings that match the usage of the plants and animals. We must also be mindful that we must also reinforce the foundation of the soil if we dig by filling the gaps to not create sinkholes or areas over the years it will degrade and cause catastrophic incidence to the animals and all that dwell.

This is her message she says you may not want to hear; it is essential that we think with compassion and not competition. She is asking you to understand that the grid for our electrical usage wouldn’t be a strain if we turned off our digital devices monthly for a few days and not depend on a machine we created to entertain us and train us not to think for ourselves and be active participants creating with our hands and minds. We are taking away our own freedoms by creating AI that is made by us and then handing over our thinking and learning possibilities to zero and just function like the robots we created. This is not living and connectedness to her and all that dwells.

She is asking you to please be mindful of our sports. Competition is making us dominant and unable to share resources. Natural resources are not to be owned and are for everyone. We must think that this resource can benefit the local community this much and leave it alone and try to create other means of natural resources with our innovative and creative minds without harming the air, water, soil, and all living things. We must grow our food compassionately. Corporate farming is killing us with uncompassionate ways of existing. When compassion is missing in our food and our dwelling; the means to thrive is no longer there and becomes a throw away world. No heart, no connection to trashing her with items and chemicals we didn’t think in the future could self harm us and create an unhealthy environment for our future.

Mother Earth is asking that you do not make pretty programs using items that are not locally grown and with compassion and just not paint a pretty picture on the paper from trees that we could use recycling, regifting, repairing and reusing as our way of being. 

She said that the human race is a self-destructive species and once gone; she will thrive unfortunately and truthfully more when we are gone. We must make the change with compassion and resolve in harmony with a healthy Mother Earth. Even the machines will break down and the Earth will thrive. We must make an effort together in unity. 

Mother Earth is a living planet and the uprising of the temperatures, the falling and melting of our glaciers and outbursts of the Earth by volcanic is a message we need to understand; she is crying for our awareness and to wake up from the digital sleepwalking and really think beyond just the surface of pleasure and competition and more of union with her and when we create and build; we do it with heart embracing all to thrive and not. We must change our thinking, influenced by our government, old school, ancestral programming and live a life that creates quality life not wars and domination. We are not in the gladiator rings to feed our competition and need to destroy. We are not there to survive and we are creating the environment as an all out war against ourselves and each other to self destruct.

So when you do your ceremonie on Mother Earth in gratitude…work with your small community and link to each other and have compassion and positive purpose for all in mind in the long term. Short term ideas and short sighted solutions are not in union with a healthy existence on this planet. We need to prove to Mother Earth that love is in us and we offer this to each other and actively be conscious that our ways of being are not done with ego and greed. We need to function as a living organism together in union of unconditional love as a whole tribe of diverse beings having the right to live together and thriving together and healing our Mother who is missing that from us.

So Earth Day 2024; we must unite and group together what is a union of compassion to thrive and be together and take wisdom we can convey and translate to others and thrive as well. No more division, no more prisons where we make laws that vary state to state and are not cohesive or where the laws change during their own incarceration and no longer are illegal and repair their minds and potentials to thrive in society. America is breaking down and we cannot function as a leader, a winner, a divider and the one with most resources…if we make life impossible to have a quality for all; we will have alife of many disruptions of flow and ease in loving Mother Earth and all that dwell here. We are not the observers, we are the creative beings of compassion and living this way onwards working on united solutions for a healthier Mother Earth that we need now and onwards be the goals as we try to build for our lives; we build with conscience of the quality of other lives in consideration whether it is the skin, religion, spirituality, gender, shape or form of any beings to live in peace and harmony with Mother Earth to thrive with all of us in mind living in peace together.

Well, this is the Message from Mother Earth. Are you listening? Are you working and playing together? Are you awake, are you free, are you creative with compassionate means and tearing down ancestral self destructive programming or trauma? Let’s move forward. Tell and show Mother Earth how much you love her. Much loving light expansive hugs.


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