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Mother Mary Devotion at the Old Horizon Healing Center

Mother Mary was a blessing to a group guided by the Director of a healing psychic school to give grace since at the time May 8 was a day to remember her.

We sat there the 5 of us. We grounded and imagined Mother Mary in our minds and sending love and appreciation and listened to her messages for each of us. I saw her in white robes with golden embroidery thread. She asked me to look at my heart. She said that she loved us no matter our belief, body size, gender, culture or religion, etc. and it didn't matter.

She also said that we are our heart energy. She pointed to her heart and it looked like the picture of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus's Heart." She said that we are both good and bad. She said that even the most difficult lesson and role to play is the bad person to trigger the good in these times. She said she loved all of us no matter good or bad deeds for we do not know why or the reason til we reach the Kingdom.

We then were asked by the leader in tribute of Mother Mary to come together sending her healing and gratitude energy for her words she gave us and energy individually.

I then thanked her and she sent down at each woman's feet a dozen golden roses. She then blew light in our foreheads and turned and went away.

As we spoke about our own experiences to share encouraged by the leader; others claimed they felt a breeze on their forehead and the smell of roses and the looks on each face was of peace and love.

I gave a rose to the leader on her birthday the same day of this meditation. It stayed alive to 3 to 4 weeks she said. I just hushed her as she wanted to tell people where it came from and said it was not necessary.

Remember the maternal and unconditional love from a loving influence/s in your lives and give thanks with hugs, words and prayers or your own. We appreciate all your maternal services all you loving compassionate people. Loving light hugs.


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