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Mushrooms - Witnessing a Friend’s Healing Messages

Dear Plant Lovers;

There is no secret that plants have aided us in healing ailments of the body but some have healed the traumas and blockages of the mind. I had a friend who wanted not to be alone

Experiencing plant medicine, in fact, wanted me to participate. I had just returned from a bout with one of Covid’s viruses a few years ago and didn’t feel strong enough to experience this as I was experiencing fatigue still. So I opted for understanding to be present in the moment for my friend. If you have read my previous blogs on Mushrooms as I stand by another person to feel it.

However, I had no intention to do mushrooms even though my friend wanted me to. I told my friend I would feel supported if someone my age and experience support me at my time and choosing without hesitation or being pressured by him to join him. He was fine with that.

We chose a special space and time where music, nature or any beautiful patterns of colors and shapes could be much experienced. I had plenty of water and lemon juice and to be near a place if the bathroom was needed. Since I knew this person was a free spirit; I knew to make sure if any risks were taken of physical safety….like feeling like you could fly or engage with other folks/children who would not understand was taken. There were musical instruments and I brought mine.

I didn’t think this would be an experience for me personally as I heard it could take a few hours with this medicine so I dressed comfortably and located areas of blankets for my friend to express vocally or musically. We were within a view of a beautiful secluded natural setting away from the public. I had fruits and water.

The dosage was taken of a special mushroom which my friend consulted another person about the amount to ingest and music was played to keep the consciousness of both worlds you could possibly visit or more I call dimensions. Shapes and geometric patterns and color lighted up for my friend. Everything was vibrant and saw butterflies and faeries and tiny flying beings that were like imps. Butterflies were around me and I wore a colorful pair of patch sewn pants and my friend smiled. Started to talk more louder than usual and rubbed his own head several times. It felt like firelike bliss he was feeling in a good way. Feet were warming things looked like a kaleidoscope and stretched out. The energy was pulsing. There was percussion that was there and my friend started to play, smiling blissfully.

I told myself to just be accepting and supportive and it was not my journey but my friend’s trip to not judge or dismiss or criticize or disway from their own experience and to make sure they were comfortable, listened to and allow. I had no idea that this is called ‘facilitating’. It just ended up being this. Music played and my friend saw my didgeridoo and brass Tibetan bowl and asked me to play and placed his forehead at end of my didgeridoo and he felt all beings from two worlds or chaos and creation to future and harmony. Beings unlike humans in the future.

I wondered in my mind being new to this in this lifetime; if this entails messages for me? As soon as I thought this…my friend started revealing the healing of the one who harmed me and his violations and suffering and war messed him up and admitted he messed up with me. My friend was the messenger and he started revealing a lot about my own brothers and had visuals. He kept telling me that I don’t know where this information is coming from but it is for you.

I was told my Grandma on my Mom’s side was telling him that I am like her with the gifts and strength and then a scene where she was jailed in a cell in the Philippines that Japanese soldiers in the Jap Am War caught and violated her and freed her after their vicious attacks.

I was being told as a child that I was misunderstood and when at 5 when I worked with the elements of the sky and rain/clouds that it was ego. I could not leave that error message alone though. I said I was 5 doing what Spirit told me and 5 year olds don’t have ego is what this person thought personally. I was only a child telling folks how hard it was for my parents to raise and understand me and went and did alot on my own. Then he accepted the error of judgment and then said as a Shaman I am misunderstood and so beautiful and my eyes revealed my beauty and how different I was. He said he cared for me so deeply as a friend telling me that the information wasn’t from him and didn’t know where it was coming from. I guess he wanted to make sure the messages didn’t hurt me or make me angry with him.

My friend was unbelievable and in my mind I kept asking is this possible for someone to want to journey to heal themselves to give me messages of healing for me on their own trip? I guess it is.

Then my friend saw mischievous faeries and they were happy and told him not to change his humor or the way he was and to keep creating and being in search of humor to heal himself and others.

My friend drummed a few more times and laughed and spoke loudly. I was feeling like I had taken his journey and felt bad. I later called folks who had done Mushrooms and they said it is possible to turn into a messenger or even see past lives of others in you. I was relieved.

As things died down, my friend was falling asleep after a good meal I heated up and served with fluids throughout were offered. I checked the next day and my friend was still affected and heard in his sleep alien beings whispering in his ear and thought I was still there asking me if I was there and talking to him! I told my friend that I left…remember? Then after going over took my friend to have coffee and feel grounded barefoot on the earth and then a nice breakfast. Still augmented by the journey…my friend thought he was going to sit on a hammock and eat breakfast laying down. I reminded him that he was still affected and you cannot lay down to eat. I motioned over to some chairs and he was fine after eating.

I recounted the journey /trip to my friend and he said that he was not thinking these messages or visions and they came to him that he shared. It was truly an experience for my friend and myself being an empath. I then touched my friend during his process and felt the pulsing energies during the entire time or stood by my friend to feel it. I then started to see visions in my dreams the same evening my friend went to sleep encountering the future and life forms living in harmony and peace.

Well, that’s my encounter ‘facilitating’ for my friend with mushrooms. He felt these powerful plant medicines affect at least 3 days after. He seemed more at peace and easeful.

Another learning encounter. I was still saying to myself…'oh boy how do people facilitate more than one person as they have their own issues?'…

Luckily , there were centers experimenting on Veterans with PTSD, etc. to heal their minds after war. They will need this with medical staff monitoring and micro dosing herbalists and doctors with therapists to assist. This is the future of all encompassing professionalism and respect. Anyway, what do I know? LOL. Hope you enjoyed the ‘trip’ with me ‘facilitating my Friend. Yolo (You Only Life Once)….haha!


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