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My First Sweatlodge with Tom Bluewolf 5/28/22

First some background information to understand my path in Shamanism as a Healer.

I have had many past lives as a healer, herbalist, witch, seer, psychic or oracle. This references the reason why I started Shamanism at the present life time. This starts with a journey of meditation of past life regression

with one of 3 Shamans when I started to re-remember in early 2000s. I hope you enjoy it. Past life regression preparation with Lakota Woman 10/22/2003

Before leaving; I told one of my beloved’s that I know the white buffalo will be there. Then as the Asi/Womb of Earth was being cleaned by a volunteer; my daughter asked what covered the Asi; the man replied: Buffalo Skin. This weekend was transforming. I was welcomed back to the homeland of my past life as a male Shaman from the Algonquin tribe on the border of Canada and Buffalo, NY into this area. In my blog somewhere I mention this as I see myself as a young boy playing jokes on the elder and getting swatted on my back hard. I am on a horse learning to mount and ride without a saddle and fall off as the elder gets his sweet revenge from that experience. I am older now and in sweat lodge and council meetings. I am wearing a Buffalo head and smoke and there are herbs …sage being burnt. I marry a woman from another tribe to create peace named “Dove '' and I am “Hawk”/ “Natankase” and she steps out as there is an arrow that shoots and kills her in front of me and there is war. I mourn blaming me for my failure to create peace and her death. She is burned upright and I wander the woods tearing off my totems as my elder tries to have me stay and not leave. I wander in the enemy territory and am hacked to death. After I am dead, they see I am the Shaman and it is bad luck to have killed me and leave. I died at 38 years old as I started studying Shamanism in this lifetime at 38 years old.

The Shaman Elder is named after, of course, all my teachers from different teachings after my Dad...Tom. Again the lessons are presented to me but in the most loving way by his own storytelling and explanations of the life of reservations called prison camps and how these are run. How minor offenses are federal felonies even if a packet of cigarettes is stolen for Native's on the reservation and the only police are FBI. The way the whites have permits to enter the reservations and can kill, rape or do anything to them and how human trafficking of women is done. He says the statistics of those murdered are never reported. However, the food provided to them is a way to control and limit their quality of life. They can have a chief but if the bureau of indian affairs makes them a non profit and govt worker oversees the chief. They can protest if they do pipelines or drilling to affect the health of the water and children but the govt. employees will win out every time.

In the early days it was against the laws up til 1978 to have their healing ceremonies. They make it so that they are savages and that the constitution calls the natives non people referring to them as flora and fauna. He said they only provide meat, cheese, flour, sugar but the meat can be spam and moldy. This is why my friends from High school are so unhealthy because of the diet and get diabetes and high blood pressure and obesity. It was interesting.

He serviced US prisons where the Natives were to have sweat lodges and he did these 20 years 3 times a week. He had to drink lots of electrolytes, potassium and magnesium. He has an established community of veteran sweat lodgers. He teaches because his tribe is known for plants, salves, and knowledge and making drums. He travels worldwide to the Zulu beVende Tribe in Africa, Japan, India near Ganges and speaks Hindi, etc. and does sweat lodges & interviews.

He made chili vegan of course and cornbread and it was so delicious. Since it was a memorial there was a smorgasbord of vegan foods, treats, fruits and salads afterwards. You can camp in his cabins and or the land. Donations are paid to his non profit. He has eyes like an eagle looking deeply into you. He smiles at me and Haseena. He looks fondly at Haseena like a magical sweet powerful fairy. She owed her learnings and her support to the group about my support during her journey. It was heartfelt and all shared their names and why they were there. Everyone was huggin and so compassionate and caring and supporting each other. I laughed as one retired marine saw me when we both arrived and served the firekeeper for 4 to 5 years. He was a jokester. He loved our energy and heart as we consoled the Elder about his loss of a loyal coordinator and organizer. She just graduated from KSU studying psychology so similar to Haseena and was always smiling and joy filled and fearless up until her death. Her fiance was to marry her and she was to celebrate her birthday. She was amazing on the phone staying with me explaining what would happen.

Back to the ret. marine; as we lined up for the sweat lodge; he came by me and his seat of honor to support the elder happened to be where I ended up. I became his support.I was the ignorant fool telling him to hang on. I joked for a change to tell him if you pass out; I am going to elbow you hard to shake you awake. He smiled. I told him "you can make it" the fool as me and so ignorant of the temperature. Haseena next to me. We checked on each other and she sang and my daughter and I were admired for our ignorant bliss urging others on. Well the ret. marine made it and he was fine. It was grief overtaking them in the sweat lodge. We all dressed in cotton and chanting and sang at each round. Elder cried because it was now in honor of his loyal assistant. He recited in the ancient lineage language. Sometimes I channel this language. My current body does not know the meaning at times. He looks at me like an old friend. Calls me his little sister. Wanting to sit by me to speak. I look deeply into his eyes at times but listen to his stories that will have the meaning somewhere woven in there but it could be just learning to listen or a lesson in patience. I and Haseena started to jam to ease folks into the sacredness of the day before doing any ceremony. I had no idea that the medicine council was us taking an eagle feather and saying who we were, why we came and hoped to transform to. Many had tributes and cried for their beloved coordinator. We were the medicine.The community is diverse and the Muscogee tribe is rebellious in their ways not following stringent rules and ways to accommodate diverse people. I am back to re-remember as my Elder has told me on occasions we communicate via messenger on Facebook. He tells me a good conversation is like meditation.

It was a beautiful weekend and then we left to have some meat/burgers haha!

I shall attend another under what they call and he wanted me to come to the "Thunder Full Moon" sweat lodge. Haseena and I will help coordinate with him since he is in his 70s and needs some help now. Upon leaving after conversing with the Elder one last time, on the road a Groundhog made sure it stuck its head out and stood still as I drove past for my clear view. My Beloved Power Animal. I was so happy and grateful. I commended my daughter for being vulnerable about her losses and I told her: “I am free.” We cried and rejoiced in this transforming work. Well, that's all for the adventures.

Many wishes of gratitude and healing for myself and all expressed by me. They looked at me telling me I was a seasoned sweat lodger and seemed so calm. I just said "Thank you and it was our first time." They would gather and sit by me and the Elder when in conversations as if to catch some wise words of wisdom. I laughed because I am learning. He looked at me like an old soul assuming in this lifetime I would understand certain Native ways. Me being me would say "Oh no I do not know what you mean." I am new and was isolated by my parents away from Native ways, camping and anything to venture out with Natives." I don't want to lie to have them assume building information they assume I understand and know about." He sure taught me alot of Indian names influenced in GA and what they meant. Simple names meaning location, who was there or here. We laughed at how codependency on us healers is a dangerous thing. How he is a rebel who shares the traditions and customs to unify and understand the Native ways and spiritual ways to grow. Other tribes down talk him because of his belief. I believe like him too. The Blue Thunder he says I have the same name did the same. He approached me back in January because he passed and led him to me. He wanted to invite me and is part of the Southeastern Native Council and other Indigenous councils sharing information to all and towards taking care of our earth and peaceful compassion. Natives say our ways are ours because of the past of the govt telling them, be Christian, you cannot do your rituals and traditions and speak only English. We both agreed it is time to get over the past to heal and unify and create understanding. Anyway, the end of the experience and more to come.


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