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My Journey into Shamanism

My Journey into Shamanism:

Shamanism - My Father and Mother were from a lineage of healers. I learned Shamanism in GA from 3 individuals back in early 2000s. It came time for me to continue my journey from another life time as a Ewantagh healer border of NY and Canada to continue where I left off in my late 30s.

I went by chance to International school of shamanism when it was near Mercer Univ. Spirit was always asked by me what my next pure light lesson or learning. I saw the school online and the one in charge had the same name and height and weight and temperament as a man who harmed me in life, at the same time I was planning on attending their new workshops of a series of 12.

Unfortunately, I got in a car accident by someone practicing magic to harm me that didn’t take the time to hear both sides of the story. I was being followed by a couple and the wife kept looking down changing lanes as I changed four times to avoid her and came to a red light and rear-ended and I was held by my Angel from the windshield and placed gently down as I asked who did this and Spirit showed me who. I called the culprit that happened to be with my spouse and said when the shock was heard from the person's voice. I laughed and said, "Yes, I had a fender bender but I and everything is all right."

On the last class date; Spirit urged me to go. I emailed the leader who was American taught with visits to the Peruvian Jungle Shamans, a born Peruvian Shaman and a Lakota Woman and asked...He said to come along but his energy was off because he was separating and his father died and would understand if I didn't come. Spirit told me to go.

The Angels guided on the I reasoned not car got stuck in the mud after parking but Spirit assured me that I would have a couple help me. I went inside and saw a Peruvian Shaman which I never knew til later in his traditional black skirt and shirt taking "Holy Water" and blowing or clearing areas with his mouth. I saw a man with a wing of some sort smudging. I was asking myself what was I doing here? What have I walked into?

Then I met the man (the Leader) who was seating people according to their energy. I was expecting to lay low and quietly observe but he had me sit in the South. I was shocked and thought surely he will move me as his right hand asst. usually sits there is what I felt from her.

I was asked to do some added healing to him and the Black skirted man tilted his head like a coyote listening to my prayerful thoughts in my head???? Then the leader seemed to be listening to my intentions and prayer for his healing. It was a crazy experience. Later, me being the youngest, at that time. Later we spoke with our minds time to time about doing some healing or learning to work with our new founded gifts on others.

After my 2nd or 3rd time Spirit said go monthly and discovered my spirit name during an assisted healing the Ancients and my 4 power animals but there are more...and my spirit name was not in English and asked them to pronounce slowly and they chanted 3 times and the Black skirted shaman asked me to share if I wanted too. Then I said “Yes!” I chanted and the group chanted three times and a white light came from the top of my head to heart and my angelic hand as people said they saw it! I quietly nodded and thanked Spirit and the Ancients but I learned what it was later in my work.

I learned that I was a journeyer and would be asked time to time to do journeys, we drummed celebration, raising energy. I learned alot about universal goddesses to be comfortable being feminine as a warrior and was assigned to the husband of the couple who helped me with my stuck car diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, He put his work into the mens group, the coed group and sweats...he and Spirit healed him. I was assigned as his Anante which mean healing partner.

It was not until last initiation in the States that the group learned his name of the leader was one who harmed me, his assistant had the same name as was the sister that died in front of our family and the Anante was named with lymphatic cancer was another man who I needed closure with walking in the first day. After almost two years of instruction and learning...they finally found out my dilemma in this lifetime. Since then, there is much closure with all 3 with further self shamanic work and focus to be whole.

There are other experiences with other teachers while being taught healing modalities that I will reveal later. Lots of my journeys entail many dimensions at once. It is hard for others to understand unlimited possibilities.

No, I do not use psychedelics or ayahuasca or peyote. I let the light in and sit with it and let it teach me pure light information. If I hold or learn about medicine then I can get knowledge this way without ingesting. I know people do not believe but this is my journey and mine to learn and share. I will be posting my journeys of this time period soon and many Goddess encounters to my transformation with others. Much love.

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