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My Story How I Came to Learn Ancient Tribal Maori Crystal Healing

It was a hot day but felt the blessings of it this past Saturday, 8/5/2023 at Envision Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona. The yoga teachers and sound healer loved my work. My Qi Gong teacher recommended me and she gave me a wonderful review. I comforted a woman who was afraid in the first session of getting any bad or energies from others in the group when I worked. I am taken over by the Ancient Tribal Maori Lineage Keeper...she is my teacher and mentor. She was so happy to do this work. She has long hair and tattoo on chin that she introduced me to her back 14 years ago. She showed me in a vision and journey the list of the lineage keepers and who was to teach who they thought would keep tradition. It was an interesting story...she was introduced to me during meditation to understand her before taking the class and I had to learn to bond with a whale and feed the whale a symbol of Mother Earth. I had to earn it's trust and engage. Once we bonded; I rode the whale and took a deep breath but the whale was going a long longer distance so I ended up being told by her voice to let go and I floated to the top and there was the ancient boat made Maori style with oars and there she was beckoning me to her. She pulled me up and that was the lesson.

After that journey; I met a man in the Ancient Tribal Maori Crystal Healing class taking it with me said he had a dream that I was there but didn't know who I was and his shirt had the whale on it....haha! My teacher was an elder trained by a Maori Crystal Lineage Keeper, with his wife and very gifted daughter who gave prophesies to SouthEastern tribal councils. She was a beautiful 3 year old napping on her Mom's lap as he taught the layout and she said to her Mother: "I love it when I see you when I wake up!" So distinctly and old soul.

How I was introduced to this crystal healer is that I was to work in a psychic school booth doing my thing as they wanted me to share and pay for half at the Mind, Body Expo in Atlanta, Georgia and I was going in the building and all the seats at entrance faced away to reception desk...I was told my next teacher of pure light healing would be there and he was there one leg on the ground and other knee bent on the seat looked right at me...I acknowledged in my mind and said, "Okay!" Now I better go set up as he said nothing to me and he wore two braids and jeans with long sleeve. I set up and then all this whole time I hear from a lady passing me that he is teaching a drum class. I was next to a booth and there he came and he left me alone watching me work with energy and people. Even disgruntled people and he said, "Sister I love your work!" Can I sit in that healing chair of yours to feel it?" I laughed and said, "Sure, it's just a chair!" He loved and continued talking to me and his psychic child came with his wife. Then he left again the next day to do the drum class again. A difficult man I was told will act so macho (what's new) and challenge me and my work as I posted $1 a minuite...He scoffed at me and the sign. He said, "Do you have faith in what you do?" I said, "It is not me that needs faith in me; it is YOU!" He then kept pestering me and I said, "Sit here and don't pay me a thing!" He sat, I saw many things, messages, his power animals, his divorce, his running against God to achieve instead of slowing down. He was crying and he melted. I told him I am sorry I cannot find any tissues for you. He said, "I gave you a hard time because I was broke and only had $1 in my wallet as I had a bad divorce!" and guess what his occupation was...a chiropractor...haha. I said, "Keep your money!" He insisted that I was worth more. Then he disappeared as I didn't know he went to sweat lodges with this Elder next to me. He then found the Elder and brought him to me..."He told this Native Elder, my next teacher of light and who sat in my healing chair: "I want to show you this woman; she's amazing." I was trained in the class with him in it and another man. They were always timing my journeys and visions. Anyway, I gave him a lot of information he needed to hear to be comforted to start again in a minute. So anyway, that's the story. The Elder than sold me the very set he trained me on.

I honor the traditions and I step aside and the Lineage Keeper does the work. It was an honor this weekend and more are interested. So that's my story....Namaste, Aho and Peace to you. Thank you for Being here. Much love.

I work Reiki and Past Life and other Ascended Master healings on a client distantly. I then google doc the details so they can refer to their work and healing done and understand and ask me questions for private sessions.


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